VIDEOBLOCKS Review – Download Royalty-Free Stock Videos, Backgrounds, and After Effects Templates

In the past, professional stock media, especially high quality video, has only been available to large production houses and agencies. Now, with over 2 million clips and counting, VideoBlocks is leveling the playing field for the little guys by making it their mission to provide top level creative content that everyone can afford.

By 2019, 80% of the World's Internet Traffic

As an entrepreneur, an affordable resource like VideoBlocks that can help streamline the production of high quality video at a rapid pace is crucial for business marketing,

It is especially true these days with experts predicting that by 2019, 80% of all internet content will be video.

Clearly, quality video needs to be part of your content marketing strategy now if you want to play to win. ​

All of the video clips that you download from VideoBlocks are royalty-free, which means that once you have downloaded them, you can use them for as many projects you want without having to pay any additional fees.

And even if you cancel your account with VideoBlocks, you can still use any of the footage that you downloaded while your account was active.

Let’s jump into the site so you can see what it has to offer firsthand.

Finding the Best Royalty-Free Video Stock Footage for Your Project

The Video Blocks website is modern and very easy to navigate. On the home page, you have several options to quickly dive in to find the clips you need for your project.

VideoBlocks Stock Video Search Options on Home Page

From the top menu, you can select the type of video you’re looking for from 3 different categories:

  • Stock Video Footage
  • Motion Backgrounds
  • Visual Effects (After Effects) Templates
VideoBlocks Search Bar

Or you could just type what it is you’re looking for into the Search bar.

Let’s find some elephants . 

The search bar allows you to choose to only search from specific content types, but we’ll just search All Media.

VideoBlocks also has a Marketplace where you can purchase video stock from individuals who upload separately from the main Members-Only Content that is included with your account. So, if you check that if you want the results to exclude marketplace results that would have to pay for (even with a VideoBlocks account). 

VideoBlocks Members Only Content Selection

The cool thing about the search results is that you can hover over the thumbnails to see a preview, and if it looks good and you know that you want it, you can click download and save it to your computer without leaving the page.If you like a video but you’re unsure if you want it, you can save it for later by adding it to a folder. You can choose a folder you have already created, or add a new folder You can add some notes to remind you why you created this folder and to give you an idea of what type of content you have saved inside of it.

VideoBlocks - Downloading, Previewing, and Organizing Stock Video Clips

This is really helpful if you save lot of content to be viewed later.

If you click on a thumbnail, it will take you to a new page where you will see more details about the video. From this view, you can also see that there are tags assigned to individual video clips, like categories and keywords.

VideoBlocks Stock Video Clip Preview Page

You can conveniently continue a similar search by clicking any of those relevant tags.

VideoBlocks Motion Backgrounds 

VideoBlocks has an awesome collection of motion backgrounds. These are often used to add life to various sections of your video projects like the introduction, title screens or any other breaks that need extra emphasis. They can be used in other creative ways as well, such as a background for a photo gallery slide show, a coming soon teaser video, or anything else you’re working on that requires a professional motion background.

VideoBlocks Motion backgrounds Download Section

One tip to consider when choosing a motion background video clip is to be sure to find one that loops seamlessly so that your background doesn’t have an obvious beginning and end.

The VideoBlocks preview allows you to watch the motion background clips on loop so you can tell if the end flows seamlessly back to the beginning. This is extra important if you are going to have a clip loop several times over, because sometimes if a clip does not loop seamlessly, it can be distracting or even appear a “glitch” in your video,

Most of the motion video backgrounds that I’ve seen on VideoBlocks are great, but it’s good practice to watch it loop through a few times to be sure it’ll work for what you need.

VideoBlocks Visual Effects (After Effects) Templates

It’s important to note that this section is labeled “After Effects” because the templates available here are specifically to be edited in Adobe After Effects software, so you will need that software in order to use them.

VideoBlocks After Effects Templates Download Page

That being said, your VideoBlocks membership gives you access to over 1,000 After Effects templates that allow you to easily add your own text, images, and videos to generate a professional video with amazing visual effects within just minutes.

Even if you’re a beginner using Adobe After Effects, these templates come with a help file that walks you through every step of the way, and most of the templates are fairly simple to edit.

VideoBlocks Membership Pricing and Overall Value 

So, as you can see, browsing the Video Blocks site is very straightforward and you can easily browse a ton of clips in a very short time to help you find that perfect clip that will take your project to the next level.

There’s so much professional creative footage at your fingertips and how you use it and incorporate into your own project is limited only by your own imagination.

VideoBlocks Membership Pricing

The best deal, and the most popular plan is the yearly option. 

BUT, we have an even better option for you right now. If you sign up for VideoBlocks now, using this link, you will get the yearly plan for ​only $99

VideoBlocks Membership Pricing

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Note: This post may contain affiliate links. See our Disclaimer and disclosure policy for more details.

This post may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure policy for more details.

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