Top 5 Websites for Royalty-Free Audio Clips and Sound Effects

A high-quality audio clip can catch visitors’ attention when they come to your website, engage them during a product demonstration, or add some background noise to an interview you post online. You don’t have to learn a new instrument or write your own raps, however—these five websites offer royalty-free audio clips and sound effects for the creative entrepreneur.


Audio Blocks - Top 5 Websites for Royalty-Free Audio Clips and Sound Effects

AudioBlocks operates on a subscription basis. Members are able to download unlimited audio clips and sound effects, ranging from single-instrument music clips to camera snaps and cheering crowds. AudioBlocks adds fresh content regularly, so if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, it’s bound to pop up soon.

Why we like it: AudioBlocks’ user licenses are foolproof. There are no exceptions based on how long you can use your audio clip or what you can use it for.

Price: $99/year for standard membership; $999/year for enterprise membership



Tunefruit - Top 5 Websites for Royalty-Free Audio Clips and Sound Effects

As their site puts it, “Tunefruit is your hip, cool friend that always knows where to find the freshest production music.” But the keyword here is “music;” you won’t find other audio clips and sound effects on Tunefruit’s site. Tunefruit’s music is conveniently divided into 30 categories. It’s never been easier to find the perfect funky beat.

Why we like it: Once you’ve downloaded a couple clips, you can start organizing your purchases into folders based on which projects they’re for.

Price: $20-500 based on license tier



Audio Jungle - Top 5 Websites for Royalty-Free Audio Clips and Sound Effects

AudioJungle shares the EnvatoMarket with VideoHive, CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, and other stock marketplaces. Content creators are free to upload audio clips and sound effects as they please, but customers decide what content bubbles to the top. Here you’ll find some super-specific sound clips, like the sound of an oven cooling down or a bottle of aftershave being opened. If you’re working on a unique project, this is your ultimate sound source.

Why we like it: AudioJungle hands out free audio clips every month.

Price: $19-304 based on license tier



Shutterstock - Top 5 Websites for Royalty-Free Audio Clips and Sound Effects

One of the top stock providers on the web, Shutterstock is world renowned for offering high-quality audio clips and sound effects. Their user-friendly interface makes it easy to preview clips, add clips to your cart, and toss clips into folders using a single screen.

Why we like it: Shutterstock puts their audio clips into realistic, non-technical categories. Groups like “happy and uplifting,” “worry,” and “fresh start” help you find exactly what you’re conjuring inside your head.

Price: $49 per clip for standard license; $419 for enhanced license



Pond5 - Top 5 Websites for Royalty-Free Audio Clips and Sound Effects

With Pond5’s audio clips and sound effects come a bit of a cinematic touch. Pond5 features a multitude of “battle scene” music, “triumphant” sounds, and suspenseful “chase” clips. Whether you’re directing your first indie movie or creating a release video for your cool new product, Pond5 has the best audio for you.

Why we like it: Pond5’s categorization and general content help to add a creative touch to any project.

Price: $15-65 per clip

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Matthew Toren

Author: Matthew Toren

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