Top 5 Websites for High-Quality, Royalty-Free Video Footage

The right video footage can create the perfect motion background for your website, prove a need for your product or service, and even catch leads’ attention on social media. But don’t reach for your old camcorder just yet—you don’t have to shoot that footage yourself. Plenty of websites carry high-quality, royalty-free video clips at reasonable prices. We’ve picked the top five.


Shutterstock - Top 5 Websites for High-Quality, Royalty-Free Video Footage

With more than 4.7 million royalty-free clips, Shutterstock is one of the largest stock video footage providers on the Internet. Prices depend solely on video quality, so businesses on a budget can cut costs by starting with a lower resolution.

Why we like it: Shutterstock’s video previews allow you to view and hear the entire clip from the browse screen, helping you find the perfect footage in a snap.

Price: $19 web; $49 SD; $79 HD; $199 4K



iStock - Top 5 Websites for High-Quality, Royalty-Free Video Footage

With iStock, you buy footage using credits, which decrease in price if you buy “in bulk.” Credits cost $8-11 each depending on how many you buy. iStock gives out stock images and video clips every week, so join their email list for cool freebies.

Why we like it: Even lower-quality “essential” video clips are extremely appealing to the eye.

Price: “Essential” video clips are about 6 credits; “Signature” are closer to 20



Video Hive - Top 5 Websites for High-Quality, Royalty-Free Video Footage

VideoHive is a dynamic marketplace where video creators can upload their clips for stock sale. This allows for quite a bit of variety when it comes to price, content, and quality. As a customer, you have two license options to choose from: regular (you don’t plan on selling the clip later) and extended (you can sell the clip again later on).

Why we like it: VideoHive offers “cinema templates” for businesses looking to show off their logos and products through customizable video clips.

Price: $8-30 per clip



Video Blocks - Top 5 Websites for High-Quality, Royalty-Free Video Footage

VideoBlocks offers a wide range of royalty-free footage for a low yearly subscription price. This makes VideoBlocks a great option for those who don’t want to pay for individual clips. Though some sites’ videos are shorter in length, VideoBlocks hosts footage that lasts up to 30 seconds.

Why we like it: In addition to basic video clips, VideoBlocks offers “after effects” clips that can be laid over any logo, text, or image.

Price: $49 for non-member clips; $149 per year for unlimited member and marketplace clip downloads



Pond5 - Top 5 Websites for High-Quality, Royalty-Free Video Footage

Like VideoHive, Pond5 is a marketplace that allows for uploads from individual content creators. As a result, their footage is inexplicably diverse—even a little artistic. With Pond5, your business can truly stand out.

Why we like it: Solo clips start at $5, which is perfect for businesses on a budget.

Price: $5-265 depending on creator and quality

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Adam Toren

Author: Adam Toren

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