Top 5 Email Marketing Services

With the rise of social media as a small biz marketing technique, all too many entrepreneurs and professional marketers believe email is a dead communication channel. They couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, 72 percent of American consumers prefer to communicate with companies via email. If your business isn’t taking advantage of email marketing, it’s missing out.

But don’t sweat it—we’re here to help. Email marketing doesn’t have to be as tedious as it sounds, especially with a great specialized service on your side. We’ve picked the top five email marketing services for business owners looking to boost sales through the biggest communication channel in existence.


MailChimp - Top 5 Email Marketing Services

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With over 12 million users, MailChimp helps entrepreneurs and marketers around the world connect with their customers in a personalized way. This service allows for multiple users and internal campaign comments for ease of communication. Its robust marketing automation helps you figure out when to send emails to certain demographics. Built-in analytics let you know who opened your emails and who actually clicked through to your site. Now MailChimp even connects with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento to provide existing customers with recommendations based on their preferences.

Why we like it: MailChimp’s drag-and-drop design templates make it easy to create captivating email campaigns in a snap. All templates are mobile-friendly, so it won’t be awkward when about half of your customer base opens your emails on their tablets and smartphones.

Price: Free for small startups (2,000 or fewer subscribers, 12,000 emails per month); $10-25 a month for unlimited emails (2,000 or fewer subscribers); enterprise levels available

Constant Contact

Constant Contact - Top 5 Email Marketing Services

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Constant Contact lets you “set it and forget it.” After easily uploading your email list from Excel, Gmail, or Outlook, you can create a scheduled set of email campaigns and allow them to release gradually on their own. You can also create specialized emails for customers’ birthdays or purchase milestones, which Constant Contact sends automatically after a threshold is reached. You can also reassure yourself that email marketing isn’t a total waste of time by viewing Constant Contact analytics through your user dashboard—see, a ton of people have opened your email already! Like MailChimp, Constant Contact makes building campaigns easy with drag-and-drop templates. Email marketing doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds.

Why we like it: Constant Contact make it easy to perform email marketing on your own, but you don’t have to. Their “Master Certified Solution Providers” operate out of various cities in the US, and can handle your marketing for you when business gets a little hectic.

Price: Free 60-day trial; $20 per month for basic features; $45 per month for advanced features


Get Response - Top 5 Email Marketing Services

Image by GetResponse.

GetResponse adds order to an otherwise chaotic email marketing campaign. This platform is great for building both regular newsletters and sporadic update, coupon, and celebratory emails. Over 500 templates provide access to a thousand free iStock images, which add color to your e-communications. With GetResponse, you can set auto-responding emails for new leads to create quicker conversions. GetResponse’s learning center helps new email marketers learn how to create campaigns worth opening.

Why we like it: Look at that awesome flowchart! GetResponse helps you determine your next move by making recommendations based on open and click rates. You may have no idea what you’re doing at first, but GetResponse does.

Price: Free 30-day trial; $15 per month for 1,000 or fewer subscribers; $49 per month for 5,000 or fewer; $165 per month for 10,000 or fewer


Aweber - Top 5 Email Marketing Services

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Aweber is a great option for those with a little experience. Their automatic new-subscriber templates help you instantly engage leads. Advanced scheduling allows you to plan out a stream of campaigns to release on specific dates and times. Like to have everything connected? Aweber allows for Facebook, Twitter, and blog-to-email integration. This platform also practices “subscriber segmentation” by dividing customers into groups based on their interactions with your messages.

Why we like it: Brands can develop their own templates to stay consistent with previous email campaigns. And if you’re having a hard time handling it, Aweber’s expert design team can help.

Price: Free 30-day trial; $19 per month for 500 subscribers or fewer; $29 per month for 2,500 or fewer; $49 per month for 5,000 or fewer; $69 per month for 10,000 or fewer; enterprise levels available


infusionsoft - Top 5 Email Marketing Services

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Infusionsoft offers a slew of great options to help the modern entrepreneur run their business smoothly. Infusionsoft clients can choose packages that include CRM, marketing automation, sales automation, and/or ecommerce software based on their needs. Those looking to market their businesses via email can create campaigns via Infusionsoft’s easy campaign builder. Emails can be automatically personalized with customers’ names and preferences to add an individualized touch. Once set, specific contact behaviors will trigger emails, phone calls, and other lead-building actions. You can even create a landing page for each campaign.

Why we like it: Infusionsoft’s analytics go deeper than most email marketing services. This platform describes which visitors and paying customers visited particular web pages, assigns lead sources to individual visitors, calculates average times spent on each web page, and more. Details like these help you polish your email campaigns—and your website—to further captivate leads and turn them into loyal customers.

Price: $199 per month for CRM and marketing automation with 2,500 subscribers or fewer; additional features and subscriber levels available

You don’t have to miss out on one of the most effective marketing techniques in the biz world. Instead, use one of these five user-friendly email marketing services to impress new leads and strengthen your brand.


Note: This post may contain affiliate links. See our Disclaimer and disclosure policy for more details.

This post may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure policy for more details.

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