Top 5 Cloud File Storage Services

It’s happened to all of us. Just when we think our files are secure, we pour time and love into our special projects, only to have our computers crash and delete the files. At best, we can stay up all night working to make up for the loss . . . or worse, our most prized files (like manuscripts or photos of our loved ones) are gone for good.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Cloud storage not only keeps files safe, but it allows access to those files from nearly any device. Bonus: it also clears up space on our devices’ hard drives. Don’t risk losing your hard work to another crash or power outage—instead, try one of these top five cloud file storage services.

Google Drive

Google Drive - Top 5 Cloud File Storage Services

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Google sure does have it all. Anyone with a Gmail account has instant access to Google Drive, an easy cloud storage service that operates within your web browser. With Google Drive, you can organize your files by type, title, or date. You can share files with friends, family, and coworkers by sending them an automatic message or a special link. You even have control over whether others can share or edit the files themselves (and if they do edit, you can see the updates in real-time). In other words, if someone’s drawing moustaches on photos of your newborn baby, you’re going to know.

Why we like it: Forget those tedious Word uploads! Google Drive works seamlessly with Google Docs. When Google users create a new document, presentation, or spreadsheet with Google Docs, it automatically saves to their Google Drive for easy access.

Smartphone app: iPhone and Android

Price: Free up to 15GB; $1/month for 100GB; $10/month for 1TB



BOX - Top 5 Cloud File Storage Services

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Don’t just throw your files onto a cloud platform and forget about them—edit them in a safe space with Box. Box allows you to upload, access, and edit files from any device. It also integrates with the Microsoft Office suite, Slack, DocuSign, Symantec, and other services so existing files can travel easily to their new home. Box’s deadline feature lets businesses keep track of project timelines and due dates, while their user-friendly infrastructure supports collaboration and teamwork.

Why we like it: Box is perfect for those looking for super-secure cloud storage. This service allows for customer-managed encryption, mobile security, and activity logs. Its level of security also meets business and regulatory requirements such as SOC 1 and SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI, FINRA 17a-4, and more.

Smartphone app: iPhone and Android

Price: Free for personal use up to 10GB; $10/month for personal use up to 100GB; $5/month for business use up to 100GB; $15/month for business use with unlimited storage



Dropbox - Top 5 Cloud File Storage Services

Image by Dropbox.

Considered the ultimate cloud storage service by many, Dropbox is simple, elegant, and just about foolproof. Its servers are quick, it allows users to share files, and it can even recover files that have recently been deleted. Like Google Drive, Dropbox updates shared documents in real-time as multiple users make changes. Paid plans even come with “priority support,” so in the rare case something does fall apart, premium users have the resources necessary to fix it.

What we like: Dropbox doesn’t place any limit on file size, so upload high-definition videos to your heart’s content.

Smartphone app: iPhone and Android

Price: Free (up to 2GB); $10/month for 1TB; $15/month per user for business use and unlimited storage



iCloud - Top 5 Cloud File Storage Services

iCloud’s shiny interface perfectly matches Apple’s various devices. Often thought of as just a backup method for iPhone users, iCloud is great for securing photos, calendars, contacts, documents, notes, and more via the cloud. As a user, you have the choice between iCloud’s web app and their iOS, Mac, and Windows applications.

Why we like it: Downloadable versions of iCloud’s applications can be set to automatically back up your most prized [virtual] possessions.

Smartphone app: iPhone only

Price: 5GB free with purchase of an iOS or OS X device; $1/month for 50GB; $3/month for 200GB; $10/month for 1TB


Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive - Top 5 Cloud

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Amazon Cloud Drive is a simple storage service ideal for individual use. Those unfamiliar with cloud storage need not worry—Amazon Cloud Drive is extremely self-explanatory, without the bells and whistles that fog up many platforms. Though it doesn’t allow file sharing, it also doesn’t place a cap on file size, making it perfect for artists and video editors who need a little more space per file. Amazon’s cloud storage services are low-cost, making it perfect for the bootstrapping entrepreneur.

Why we like it: Are you an Amazon Prime member? If so, you get free unlimited photo storage in conjunction with your membership.

Smartphone app: iPhone and Android

Price: $12/year for unlimited photos and 5GB for videos/documents; $60/year for unlimited everything


Note: This post may contain affiliate links. See our Disclaimer and disclosure policy for more details.

This post may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure policy for more details.

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