Top 10 Project Management Software

Founders, partners, and employees at startups have to work as a team to make the venture successful. But without the right project management software, work gets hectic—nobody knows who’s doing what, what has been completed and what hasn’t, and whose turn it is to bring coffee tomorrow morning.

Breathe in, breathe out. You don’t have to go home every day feeling frazzled and unaccomplished. In fact, with any of these top ten project management software, you never will again.


Basecamp - Top 10 Project Management Software

Used by renowned businesses and organizations like NASA and Etsy,
Basecamp is an established project management system with over 100,000 clients. Teams use it to chat with one another, leave comments on assignments, build schedules, share files, and more. Basecamp’s servers are 100 percent private; what happens in Basecamp stays in Basecamp.

Why we like it: Automatic check-ins ping users to write down what they’re thinking, how their project is going, or what they plan on doing next. Never nag a coworker for a specific project ever again.

Price: $29/month for internal teams; $79/month with clients



Wrike - Top 10 Project Management Software

Wrike’s project management software helps you “succeed at the speed of business.” Individual projects can be viewed in terms of the big picture or in minute details; either way, it’s just as easy to manage a thousand projects as it is to handle one. Multiple teams within a business are able to work in tandem using Wrike, which displays full project schedules and manages upcoming due-dates.

Why we like it: When a new project comes up, team members can use Wrike’s scheduling tool to see who has the time and space necessary to handle the job.

Price: Free up to 5 users; $10/month up to 15 users; enterprise level available



Podio - Top 10 Project Management Software

Podio is great for dynamic businesses. Administrator controls allow higher-ups to designate membership levels to employees; those employees can attach their Google Calendar, Evernote, and other profiles to Podio to keep every due date in one simple space. With Podio, users can exchange files within the software—no more slowpoke email attachments.

Why we like it: Podio has 99.99% uptime, so you’ll never be left without your trusty project management system.

Price: $9/month basic; $14/month plus; $24/month premium; enterprise level available



Flow - Top 10 Project Management Software

Flow’s smooth scheduling abilities erase the all-too-common question, “What do we do next?” Mini projects can be assigned in support of larger endeavors, helping to create laser focus over the long-term. Those projects can then be organized into “planning,” “in progress,” and “implemented” boxes so everyone knows what’s what. Integrated time management even lets coworkers know who’s available, who’s out to lunch, and who’s playing hooky at any given moment.

Why we like it: Don’t care what everyone else is up to? Switch views so you can focus on what you have to do.

Price: $19/month for 3 users; $59/month for 10 users; $129/month for 20 users; $229/month for 30 users; $399/month for 50 users



Asana - Top 10 Project Management Software

Asana moves work forward by helping you keep your eye on the prize. All tasks are thrown into to-do lists titled “today,” “upcoming,” and “later,” so you know what’s next without becoming overwhelmed. File previews reduce distraction while keeping you informed.

Why we like it: Asana’s powerful search feature helps you find the file, conversation, or task you’re looking for.

Price: Free basic membership for up to 15 people; $8.33/user/month for premium


Teamwork Projects

teamwork Projects - Top 10 Project Management Software

Is your hard drive full of cat videos (or, um, important projects)? Teamwork Projects runs in your web browser—no downloads necessary. This platform’s project management schedule displays tasks based on length, allowing you to pack on just the right amount of responsibility. “Milestones” can be marked in celebration or remembrance of certain achievements. You can even save someone’s status update, if it’s really that interesting.

Why we like it: Users can stay on-track using the Teamwork Projects app on their Androids or iPhones.

Price: $12/month for 5 projects; $24/month for 15 projects; $49/month for 40 projects; $99/month for 85 projects; $149/month for 200 projects



Workamajig -Top 10 Project Management Software

Workamajig does a lot more than manage projects. In fact, it’s meant to consolidate programs for all sorts of departments and employees, saving the whole business time and money. As an all-encompassing softare, Workamajig helps your business keep track of finances, job listings, media exposure, resource allocation, and so much more.

What we like: Workamajig allows users to proof files inside the program. Those proofs can then be viewed by other viewers without changing the original document.

Price: $38/user/month



Zoho - Top 10 Project Management Software

Zoho allows for refined control using dependencies, subtasks, and repeat tasks so you can keep your business running smoothly. Gantt charts provide a detailed visual on the progress of your tasks in comparison to what was planned. Resource allocation lets you know who is free, who is engaged, and who is overloaded.

Why we like it: Users can report bugs within the program (meaning less time spent on the phone with support).

Price: Free for 1 project; $25/month for 20 projects; $50/month for 50 projects; $80/month for unlimited projects



WorkFlowMax - v

WorkflowMax is great for solopreneurs who want a program that will maximize productivity. (Of course, it’s a wonderful program even for more established businesses). It integrates seamlessly with any Xero Accounting software, produces professional, branded quotes and invoices, and graphs finance data for ease of reading. Because information on WorkflowMax is stored through the cloud, it’s accessible from any device, anywhere.

Why we like it: WorkflowMax also integrates with 31 third-party platforms, like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Adobe.

Price: $15/month for 1 user; $49/month for 5 users; $99/month for 10 users; $149/month for 20 users; $199/month for up to 100 users



Freedcamp - Top 10 Project Management Software

Freedcamp is a gorgeous, Google-like project management system that cleanly organizes projects based on teams and due dates. “Kanban,” their to-do list alternative, turns tasks into cards that can be moved into completion by hand. A full schedule overview streamlines your day, while individual projects express every detail necessary to create a pitch-perfect result.

Why we like it: Freedcamp is fast and aesthetically pleasing, making it overall easier to use.

Price: $11/month


Note: This post may contain affiliate links. See our Disclaimer and disclosure policy for more details.

This post may contain affiliate links. See our disclosure policy for more details.


Matthew Toren is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, advisor and co-founder of He is co-author, with his brother Adam, of Kidpreneurs and Small Business, BIG Vision: Lessons on How to Dominate Your Market from Self-Made Entrepreneurs Who Did it Right

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