Ryan Holmes Founder & CEO, HootSuite

These guys get it! In a world where information is coming at us from all directions, you’ve got to know how to focus on the good stuff and filter out the rest. 

The Toren brothers outline exactly what needs to be done in a logical pattern to reach success, while peppering their wisdom with lots of real-life case studies.

Maren Kate Donovan Founder of Zirtual.com, Serial entrepreneur
Ryan Shea President & Corporate Publisher, Entrepreneur Media Inc.

Matthew and Adam Toren get to the point of what separates the good from the great in business and entrepreneurship—vision. 

For any entrepreneur in search of practical, immediately-applicable advice, The Torens have compiled the answers to many of the most-asked entrepreneurial questions in a clear, informative format that’s as easy to read as it is enlightening.

Wil Schroter Founder & CEO of Startups.co, serial entrepreneur
John Jantsch Author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine

Why anyone starting a business wouldn’t want to learn from those who blazed a brilliant path before them is beyond me. 

Adam and Matthew Toren provide practical, real-world advice for entrepreneurs at all levels. Motivational and tremendously insightful,

Doug Imbruce Founder of Qwiki.com
Matt Gottesman Founder, HDFMagazine.com

The Toren brothers are by far two of the most gifted businessmen I've ever had the pleasure to learn from - Smart, savvy, transparent and direct. They just get it. Small business, big vision is right. They understand every detail of the journey to make a company successful and I wouldn't be where I am without their awesome guidance!

Adam and Matthew truly know how to dominate whatever market they set their eyes on. Their knowledge of and experience in the internet and digital marketing space is unparalleled and there is never a problem too big or complicated that these guys can't solve. I have seen firsthand how Adam and Matthew can turn a small investment into a huge return by applying unique and innovative growth strategies. The Torens are also always willing to help others make their entrepreneurial dreams become a reality, something to really be appreciated in such a competitive space.

Case Kenny Founder, PRSUIT.com
John HollingCo-Founder,

I have worked with Adam and Matthew Toren on several projects over the past five years. In that time, their advice and guidance has been nothing short of invaluable. From marketing to operations, from personnel management to funding, their knowledge and experience is extensive. In our primary business, Matthew and Adam’s guidance has significantly contributed to a 3-fold upturn in sales, a considerable increase in customer retention, and greatly improved internal processes. Additionally, the connections the Torens have within the startup community and the business world at large have helped us to cement some valuable partnerships that continue to benefit our businesses and will have lasting impact for the foreseeable future.

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