If you want to try TikTok without actually having to go to TikTok, try YouTube shorts! They're a serious contender now.

As per YouTube:

“YouTube Shorts are now being watched by over 1.5 billion logged-in users every month.”

What does this mean?

That means that around 75% of YouTube users are engaging with Shorts in some form, which is a big vote of confidence in YouTube’s counter-offensive approach to fend off rising competition from TikTok.

You can read the whole story about this here: YouTube Reports that 1.5 Billion Users Now Engage with YouTube Shorts Content Each Month

What about you guys? Would you prefer to use YouTube Shorts? TikTok? or both?

Julia Sta Romana

May 2, 2017
The power of Big and Mighty youtube... in no time they will overtake TikTiok

The biggest advantage YouTube has over TikTok right now is that there's a clear process of how content creators get paid. But if YouTube gets greedy and starts taking a bigger cut from advertisers, I think this is where TikTok can jump in and replace YouTube.
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