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"YouTube’s launching its biggest assault on TikTok yet, as part of its broader push to dominate the short-form video trend, with the announcement that it will provide more direct monetization options for Shorts creators, which could make YouTube the platform of choice for more creative talent."

Full story: YouTube Outlines New Monetization Program for Shorts Creators

What could this mean?

Direct monetization could push more creators (and their fans) into the arms of YouTube. More creators and fans mean more marketing opportunities for businesses that advertise or create their own content on YouTube.

What do you guys think? Is this good for business? I'm curious how well ads within Shorts would convert compared to the ads in the usual YouTube videos.


Apr 22, 2016
Taking already created market ... Only Google can do in style with its cash spending technique. Ultimately they will push the 70%+ worldwide ad market which they own here also.

Its like TikTok worked hard for google ...


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