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If you have any questions regarding YouTube, I'm your guy. I am YouTube/Google Certified in Audience growth, have an ebook titled "How To Crush It On YouTube" and own a Digital Media Network with over 400+ Signed content-creators worldwide (MCN).

Open to questions, if you own a brand, feel free to personal message me.
Hi Karan,

My name is Maghen, and I work with Billy Gene Is Marketing. We just started a daily video segment that we send to our email list and recycle the content on social. We would like to utilize our YouTube channel too, but I don't even know where to begin. I will definitely look into getting your ebook for help! I may reach out in the future if I have some questions! :)


Hey @Billy Gene Is Marketing, Love the name haha! The video segment idea is brilliant. Feel free to grab a copy of my ebook and let me know what you think. If you're looking for an in-depth video programming strategy, feel free to personal message me or shoot me an email: Karan(at)contentpixel(dot)net


@Joe Hey Joe, good question. In so many ways it'd be hard for me to input into one thread haha.

Some of the key benefits being:

- Increased traffic to a specific source (website, etc.)
- A wider audience reach
- YouTube is one of the most engaging sites to connect with your audience.
- Very easy to portray your product
- Huge viral potential
- A new revenue source (through monetization of content).

These are just a few benefits :)


would they have a channel or would they advertise like most companies? As having a channel I don't know what they could show other than commercials and people using their products. I'm not opposed to the idea of a business using YouTube I'm trying to be the devils advocate.


I mean using YouTube, from a brand perspective means creating a good programming strategy. It's broken up into 3 section:

Hero - Video that are essentially like your super bowl moment, huge, well programmed videos for your brand. Like for example when Redbull host a big event (pull in a lot of viewers and gains tons of shares/audience reach).

Hub - Content spaced out throughout the year that is a sort of "Sub-hero" level, great videos, but not as "large scale" as the Hero content.

Hygiene - Your average "pull" content such as tutorials, demos, how-to's, etc.

All of these combined (with more depth of course) is what a good content-strategy is compiled of. This is merely the tip of the iceberg however.
Hi Karan, thanks for the great offer and hint. Please I do like to have a copy of your free ebook, and I really want to know how to monitise a youtube channel.

I will be glad to learn from you jephtah.fasola(at)gmail(dot)com

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