I been using email as a channel for quite some time and was thinking of buying email lists for getting new customers.

Since I'm operating in the CBD industry there's not a lot of options for educating the market about the products we sell (e-commerce store).
BIt of background, we've tried SEO, Google and FB ads (we know the workarounds), and programmatic advertising but we saw very little success.

On the other hand, we're very good at converting email subscribers into customers. So I believe that if I have a larger email list of people that are qualified I can use email as the only channel for growth.

Currently looking into vendors - mainly providers that can extract emails from followers of my competition.

What's your opinion or experience with this practice? thanks
Email list and email campaign absolutely works if the data is built over the period one by one in once own website.

A purchased list has a email view , less than 5% and out of that 90% is useless.
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