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You have $50k to invest, where do you place it?

Discussion in 'Investments' started by Eastside, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. Eastside Member

    So imagine you were given $50k and you HAD to invest it, where would you go about doing so to see it grow and work for you?
  2. Enronitis

    Enronitis Member

    All stocks.
    Would place a certain number of long positions in companies like TWTR, FB, etc.
    Would use the rest to day-trade as I currently am.
  3. Mr.Trep

    Mr.Trep Member

    I wouldn't actually invest this money into Stocks. I would instead find a way to invest it into another business through acquisition or other means. $50,000 would generate a better return on your investment through a business that grants you cash flow with the potential to sell at a higher multiple down the road.

    Obviously you won't be buying a very high end business, but you could purchase a profitable website or online business through a broker like Empire Flippers.

    There are so many ways to invest $50,000, but it really depends on what you want from it; income or savings?
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  4. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    $50? Well, I am not really into stocks, so I don't think I'll invest the money in them. But $50 is hardly enough money to start a business. Probably I would just create my own website or open an online store.
  5. Michelle

    Michelle Member

    If I had 50k to invest I would invest it into growing my business and begin the process of opening up another business.
  6. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    This for me would be simply upgrading marketing tools as well as increasing the ad budgets.
  7. Nantchev

    Nantchev Member

    Billion ways to make money, just find the one (or ones) that you are competent with and happy to work on.
  8. do you already have a business?? if so what's it??
  9. How about you?? did you find your way??
  10. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Member

    If I were given $50k I will invest it to a business that I am interested and capable in doing to make it grow and successful. I will never invest the money if I knew that it will not give me a good turnover of capital.
  11. Brian D. Evans

    Brian D. Evans Member

    Although $50k isn't much to start the kind of businesses I dabble in, if I were to answer the question -- That would be used to start 5 sites, focused around specific products. In 12 months I would easily expect those 5 sites to be doing $50k a year each.
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  12. Eric Yang

    Eric Yang Member

    I would first find out what I want to do and who I would like to model first.

    I would then invest in high-quality events and networking events to gain access to people I couldn't have met otherwise. Successful entrepreneurs are always around other successful entrepreneurs. Social psychologists say that you are the average of the 5 people you are surrounded by. Put yourself in a place where people breath success 24/7 and you will exponentially grow. Ask questions, learn how to network, ask questions about how to network or anything that you need help with in your life and business. ($5000-$10.000+ year)

    Invest in your health by going to the gym and buying fresh and nutritious food. You cannot think straight if you just finished 2 boxes of pizzas. You need to understand how your body works and what it needs to function at its absolute best. Ask your workout buddies to help you get the body you want or get a personal fitness coach to keep track your progression. You don't only want to look great. You also want to have a body overflowing with energy ready to kick-ass without the mid-day breakdown. ($3000 - ~$10.000)

    Read books, listen to podcasts, go to seminars and classes. Continue to invest in yourself like your life depends on it. There's nothing more important than self-education. 70% of the students who graduate from college will not a read another book in their lifetime. Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates are titans in their respective industry but they continue to read at least 2-3 hours a day (if not more) because they know how valuable books are to their success. Everything that stops growing dies. Look at MySpace. It used to be the to-go place on the internet but Facebook and other new social media destroyed MySpace in less than 3 years. MySpace couldn't adapt to the rapid changes because they stopped growing as a company. Don't be MySpace. Become Facebook. Constant and never ending improvement is the key to success (from $200 - $10.000)

    Taking rent and utilities out, you would still have $20.000 to invest in whatever you want. My piece of advice is "Invest in yourself first. Business always comes second." How well your business operates heavily depend on your skills and mindset.

    If you still don't know what to do with your life (or don't have $50.000 in your bank account) I would advise you to document your growth. Document your work at the gym, networking events, nutritions, business or anything that passionates you. You never know what it can turn into. It is really easy to think that all the big names are geniuses or overnight success. The truth is they have been working in the shadows for years and years before becoming this "overnight" success. Even Michael Jordan had to learn how to dribble first. He practiced and practiced and practiced.....oooh did I forget to say that he practiced? You will look back at how much you have grown and inspire many others to do the same. Maybe you will eventually coach people to get the results you have gotten, who knows??

    Whether you have $50.000 or $25 it all comes down to starting something now. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good.
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  13. Digsby Trace

    Digsby Trace Member

    As people say, don't put your eggs in one basket. So I would divide the 50,000 dollars into five. I will put the 10k in a bank account for easy liquidity during emergency, 10K into a time deposit to earn a higher interest, 10k to invest in a local farm, buying seeds and fertilizers for the profit to be divided afterwards with the farmers. I love supporting local farmers and I could also get fresh vegetables in return. Twenty thousand for my master's degree because I know that the best investment someone can have is himself.
  14. Goodmorning entrepreneurs. I have a big and not easy question for you guy. I have 10.000$ to invest and I want to make a profit not so big see the small amount of cash but at least a godd one have you got any suggestions to give to me?? thanks all
  15. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    Rather boringly I'd have to say I'd reinvest it back into my own business to be honest. While I do know that you shouldn't put all your eggs into one basket as the saying goes, I'd like to make sure that my business is covered for the foreseeable future before I thought about diversifying.
  16. James Fresh

    James Fresh Member

    I would take a trip to Barcelona, pay for 12 months of rent, then have a good time there working on a online business. Taking Spanish classes, meeting spanish people, smoking weed, and work on projects 8 hours a day.

    I live in Norway, the cold is motivating me so hard to work my ass off and get to barcelona <3
  17. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    I'm not sure that would be classed as an investment, haha!

    How about buying a bar on a beach somewhere instead? You get the best of both worlds then, enjoy yourself but also have an income coming in aswell then.
  18. ruener79

    ruener79 Member

    Funny... He's probably thinking of investing in himself first, hehe. Anyway, if I were to be given $50K, I'd probably use it to start a yoga studio or add it to the child care business that my friends are thinking of putting up.

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