10 Tips to Help You Write Product Descriptions That Sell
by Ron Dod,
August 7, 2017

Writing a product description seems simple enough until you realize that crafting a description that merely describes your products isn’t enough. The most successful copywriters approach their product description writing from a very psychological understanding of how the human brain works and how people react to certain words. Being able to craft descriptions that elicit a positive reaction or put negative feelings of apprehension at ease is the cornerstone of excellent product description writing.

The following tips will help you to write product descriptions that help you solve every obstacle above, but, before we get into that, let’s take an aerial view of what the process actually looks like.
  1. List all your features and benefits. What is it that makes your product stand out? Don’t worry about being brief here—this is simply a rough draft of information.
  2. What are the core components of your brand that you want to showcase? Do you have a mission? Is your brand more fun or professional? Try a next draft of your product description in your own voice that is true to your brand.
  3. What are your shoppers looking for? Be sure to address those specific qualities and solutions to their problems first.
  4. Refine, emphasize for persuasion, use bolding and italics, and polish.
  5. Simplify, simplify, simplify.
  6. Read out loud. Iterate.
  7. Test and iterate.
  8. Repeat step 7 to perfection.
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Great tips, DJ!

I've often wondered if I did myself a disservice by not taking a NLP course when I was approached about one many years ago. I think it would've come in handy. :)

I think that readers are more interested in how a product benefits them than what features it has. Depending on the product and audience, of course. I imagine men like to read about car features. :)

If a person really gets stuck, they could look for an appropriate kick-ass product description and use that as a template. Best for a complete newbie or someone will writer's block, I suppose. Once you've done a number of them, it'll come naturally, I think.

This may also be helpful: The Gary Halbert Letter


There is actually a really good book that can help people sell better and get attention, it is called "Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich", by David Garfinkel.


Great Tips!

Product description is one of the important factor and it should also be search engine friendly.

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Many site owners not considering description and product image as an important factor for their ecommerce store. But these also plays an important role to rank better.

Thanks dj for sharing this useful info.


I usually start mine out in point forms and heard it's best, to capture attention with benefits. I find that I have a hard time being objective. Maybe it's best to have others help with that area too.
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