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Writing Articles As A Way To Bring In Clients?

Discussion in 'Content Marketing' started by Travelingsarah, Nov 19, 2016.

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  1. Travelingsarah

    Travelingsarah Member

    I'm a travel agent, and I write a daily blog. I feel like I know how to write travel advice. I have written some articles that I would like to put in some magazines, either print or online. I would love to make some money off of this, but if I have to to start with free articles I will.. Has anyone trying anything like this? Might you have any advice? Thanks
  2. Dreamer

    Dreamer Member

    Maybe have them subscribe to your blog so you can contact them, I went on a boring vacation one time and I for sure use a travel agent that has a lot of fun things (or choices) planned out.
  3. azgold

    azgold Moderator MVP Member

    @Travelingsarah , if you have a blog that you keep current with high quality content, you have a starting point.

    Pitch article ideas to publications, online and off, using your blog to show samples of your writing. It's a good idea to also publish on other 2.0 sites.

    Also, if you can pick up guest posts that allow you a link to your blog, which you should have a "Hire Me" page/link on, that would could be helpful. Make sure that you are showcasing your best writing, can meet deadlines and have a professional tone and website.

    Some other tips and ideas:

    - gain a good reputation in related forums then create a post or forum signature to let people know that you will write for money, citing any stats you might have of how your writing has helped to increase views, leads, sales, whatever. Just know that affiliate marketing sites (think Digital Point or Warrior Forum) pay on the low end of the scale. Low. I'm referring to the members, not the site owners. However, if you do an excellent job, you'll get good reviews, build your confidence and help you move to higher pay

    - cold pitch to editors, making sure you have read the publication and know that you can match their tone and offer something they haven't published an article about in at least the past six months

    - check classifieds of large cities for anyone looking for writers (I used to have luck with Kijiji; CL also has a section for writing and gigs)

    - check sites that list freelance writing jobs - there are lots, research it. These sites are gold but you may have competition because they are well used by freelancers

    - check other job sites

    - know how to research because you will sometimes have to do it

    - network and make connections; ask for referrals and testimonials if it seems appropriate

    - cold pitch to websites if you come across one with poorly written pages. Email them and offer your services, maybe offer some kind of incentive

    - AVOID content mills!!!

    That's just off the top of my head.

    Have you done any research on this?
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
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  4. Travelingsarah

    Travelingsarah Member

    Thank you... I am going to get serious about this after taking a few days off to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

    I know to avoid content mills. I've tried to work for them, and the pay was laughable, especially considering how slow I type.

    I've started researching this about a month ago, here a little, there a little.. Thanks for the help
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  5. SteveStrait

    SteveStrait Member

    All great suggestion from azgold!
    Also, put a spin to what you write.

    Don't just write for the general public.
    Choose a market that you are going to go after.
    And I mean really really niche down
    i.e. can you write from the eyes of/for solo female travelers?

    There are probably other viewpoints you can use - do some research.
    Having a clear differentiator as a writer will help.
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  6. Travelingsarah

    Travelingsarah Member

    My idea is to write and do business with women entrepreneurs. That is my idea right now anyway..

    I'm just trying to get through my e-mail and stuff after being gone for several days.
  7. azgold

    azgold Moderator MVP Member

    If you're travel writing on a blog, you could also do product/hotel/resort reviews. Make some money via affiliate sales.
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  8. Adrianna Nine

    Adrianna Nine MVP Member

    It's awesome that you're looking into doing this! You'll almost definitely have to start out writing unpaid articles at first, but that's okay -- it's how you establish authority on the subject and a rapport with your audience.

    Many online publications, small and large, accept submissions -- like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, for example. You absolutely need to consider your audience before selecting a publication to submit to. Who are you hoping will read your articles? If your readers are going to be older, more established, upper-class individuals, the two suggestions I provided may not work.

    You may have to submit article after article before one is accepted, and an editor may require you to make major changes to an article before it can be published. Regardless, offering your content for free is a great way to get started -- then, once you've built a devoted audience, you can branch out into paid work.
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  9. JohnHolling

    JohnHolling Serial entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor Administrator Moderator Member

    Great suggestions in this thread! I would advise you to evaluate your focus and your business model. Do you want to make money as a writer or as a travel agent? Not that you can't do both, but it seems like focusing on your travel business primarily would make the most sense. Look at articles as a way to build your credibility and get your name out there, rather than as a revenue stream.

    Make your travel business so successful that you have to hire writers for your blog content!
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  10. Josephine Stuart

    Josephine Stuart MVP Member

    I am not a travel agent, but I absolutely love to read articles on travel -- if they provide something other articles don't.

    Honestly, I don't want to read about the most glamorous hotels in an area, or what drinks they serve. I want to read about that area's culture, the dishes they cook from scratch there. I want to read about how I can travel on a budget and how to make the experience one I'll remember forever.
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  11. Travelingsarah

    Travelingsarah Member

    I'm working on an article to send to a website, this might be on going work.. They're looking for a cv if I want to keep writing for them, which I do. But the only thing I have publish is my blog. I am going to be doing some research on this, but wanted to know if anyone here has any thoughts?
  12. djbaxter

    djbaxter Administrator Moderator Member

    Be honest about your training/education and experience in the CV but you can also include a cover letter letting them know about projects and plans you are working on for the future.

    Alternatively, you could include a projects and plans section in the CV itself.
  13. Adrianna Nine

    Adrianna Nine MVP Member

    You aren't necessarily limited to items you've published -- I've submitted samples that I'd formerly kept to myself before. Published work conveys not only what and how you write, but also how you edit for a particular audience, how you interact with readers after the piece has been published, etc. If I were you, I'd submit both published and unpublished work as samples.

    Like @djbaxter said, definitely be honest on your CV, but discuss your writing goals in detail if you feel that your experience is lacking.
  14. David_Wu

    David_Wu Member

    Hi Sarah,

    I think it's best for you to keep on guest blogging. It does not really have to be in well-known sites, there are other publications/blogs (especially in the traveling niche) you can get into, and you can add these to your portfolio. It is a way for you to get a bit of free exposure, establish credibility, and gain back links for your own blog/site.

    Good luck, and I wish you all the best for your blog! :)

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