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Working hours

Discussion in 'Employees and Human Resources' started by Corazon, Apr 11, 2016.

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  1. Travelingsarah

    Travelingsarah Member

    I would love to know why you don't believe in work\life balance. I'm a travel agent who wants to help entrepreneurs reconnect with their families through travel. I feel like it's important to take time to be with your family. If someone is just working and sleeping, they are going to burn out.
  2. Josephine Stuart

    Josephine Stuart MVP Member

    I find the perspectives in this thread very interesting. I've noticed recently that people love to glorify the concept of overworking; they love to brag about getting little sleep or not having a social life because they're too busy putting in overtime.

    But that isn't healthy, folks. You may be making more money than you would have otherwise, or maybe your business is expanding faster, or something -- but it's not healthy (for you OR your business) long-term. Plus, like many people in this thread have already said, you can't be productive for 14 hours straight. There's a reason 8 or 10 hour shifts are standard, and why breaks are both mandatory and recommended.
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  3. Travelingsarah

    Travelingsarah Member

    I could not agree with you more. We need to balance a lot of things in order to have a healthy life. There is work and family, there is also health, friends, church.. Balancing everything is hard, but it is worth it.
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  4. Jessica Danes

    Jessica Danes MVP Member

    That's ridiculous! As a business owner, I understand working 24/7, but no one is forcing me to do it. It is a choice I make to help my business. I would never force my employees to work over half the day! Surprisingly though, this is not uncommon. I found this article on Fortune.com comparing various countries' average work week hours. The U.S. ranks 16th averaging 34.40 hours, as calculated back in 2014.
  5. crueldeceiver

    crueldeceiver Member

    I was once in a company who have a Mandatory OT everyday before and after shifts. The feel in the workplace everytime I came in is stressful and unhappiness. I ended up leaving the company after a year.
  6. djbaxter

    djbaxter Administrator Moderator Member

    I know there are companies that have mandatory overtime at certain times of the year, like pre-holidays or inventory, but every day is obscene and probably illegal in most parts of the free world. I don't blame you for leaving. That is a recipe for total burnout.
  7. bea999

    bea999 Member

    Well.. 14 hours per day is too much. That is dangerous... with such timetable, it is difficult to stay healthy
    About the balance... I wish that there exist some balance. What I feel that there is no balance at all. All the time have to think and solve 100 problems at the same time. Sometimes, I have a feeling that some people even scared to stop for a second, including myself
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