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Work from home hacks! (SUPERLIST)

Discussion in 'Mindset and Motivation' started by Better, Apr 13, 2015.

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  1. Better

    Better Member

    Lets create a super list of work from home hacks, i'll get us started:

    • Work to lists
    • Diet properly
    • Stick to working hours
    • Turn off all phones and distractions
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  2. Azen

    Azen Member

    I love lists, they are my go to for almost everything. I tend to keep a clean and quiet work area too, office with a door that will close and lock if needed (I have kids). Sometimes people get really distracted when it comes to social sites too so I try to avoid them during work hours unless I am on the company pages.
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  3. nigel

    nigel Member

    ji heelo i could need some help
  4. K

    K Member

    • Get a dog (gets your out of the house)
    • Take frequent breaks
    • If no motivation don't force it
    • Go for runs
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  5. Investor

    Investor Member

    • Set BIG goals
    • Set medium, more readily achievable (but not easy) goals that plot your path to your larger goals
    • Set small goals to build momentum and get you to your medium goals

    • Reward yourself for certain achievements (identify in advance: i.e. hit $1M net, buy a _______)
    • Stay focused
    • Rather than learn random crap, master one thing at a time = become kick-ass at something so you can kick ass at it.

    • Embrace the harsh reality of the 80/20 Rule. If you're lucky enough to live life on your own terms as an entrepreneur, it WILL apply to you!

    • Working smart should always outweigh your hard work
    • Free up your time so you can focus on the big picture = Delegate as soon as possible
    • CEO Mentality = again, Delegate as soon as possible
    • Understand you're not the master of everything. He who thinks he knows everything is an idiot doomed to never reach their full potential
    • Surround yourself with advisers and go-getters
    • Groom these go-getters to share your vision and goals, and motivate them to achieve the same results

    • DIVERSIFY, DIVERSIFY, DIVERSIFY = Recession proof, bulletproof wealth
    • ACQUIRE, ACQUIRE, ACQUIRE = Don't kill yourself to outperform the competition when you can just buy them

    • Build an executive circle of trust
    • Stay hands on out of genuine interest, not necessity
    • Work less, play more
    • Groom the next generation
  6. K

    K Member

  7. EF-Roger

    EF-Roger Member

    I think the very last point is of utmost importance! If we do everything in the list, our work will be of no use if we do not groom the next generation! If we do not do that, it will fail or die out over time
  8. Donna Lynn Price

    Donna Lynn Price Member

    Do the money making tasks first!
    And the hard ones next!
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  9. EF-Roger

    EF-Roger Member

    Your 3rd pt is well taken. If one is not motivated at the moment, he or she is getting nowhere and is actually wasting time.
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  10. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    - Keep yourself motivated
    - Stay positive
    - Try to achieve each task in your daily to-do list
    - Have a little break once in a while
    - Reward yourself for a job well done
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  11. harpazo22

    harpazo22 Member

    Great points! In order to be successful you really have to be able to put aside all distractions and actually put effort into it. You won't learn and get better at your skill if you don't care about your work.
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  12. Kathryn M.

    Kathryn M. Member

    Here are the things that I know have kept me successful:

    1. Have a To Do list with only 3 goals to work on each day. Anything more will create burnout.
    2. Make a habit of sticking to a routine. Successful people simply get up every day and do the same stuff over and over.
    3. Snacks. Have lots of snacks!

    Bonus Hacks:

    4. Listen to classical music or a rainstorm while working to quickly quiet your mind and put you in "the zone".
    5. The numbers 3, 5, and 10 seem to be magical numbers when it comes to business.
  13. Kathryn M.

    Kathryn M. Member

    I agree with that. I've even noticed that when I try to force motivation, it leads to frustration and a bad mood. If I fall into a bad mood, I will head off to take a nap (just as you would send a child to bed :rolleyes:). When I wake up, I am refreshed and ready to start again. The power of sleep is real!
  14. 111kg

    111kg Member

    In my experience, if you want to be productive, you have to:
    1) tell your room mates/relatives/SO to stop bothering your. Just because you work from home, it doesn't mean I have more spare time;
    2) block Reddit/Facebook/any browser game during the day (sorry tribal wars!);
    3) block the Facebook notifications on your phone;
    4) plan each and every task. Don't just write it, write down also how much time it should take and so on.
    5) wake up early and work a little before you go to the gym. If you wake up late, go to the gym do some shopping and some chores, then you'll do nothing productive the whole day long.
  15. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    Routine is a key word for me when it comes to working from home. It's very hard sometimes to be able to motivate yourself, but treat your working day as you would if you had a regular, real world job.

    Get up at a regular, early time. Eat, then start work. Take a break, have lunch, then pick a time to finish and stick to it. I've known a lot of people having to work up until 11 pm somtimes because they've got up late. Instead of starting work they've nipped out or made a call to a friend, that kind of thing.

    Your working from home. WORKING...and it needs to be treated as such.
  16. smithereens

    smithereens Member

    • break your working time into blocks
    • determine your most productive hours
    • do the 20% of tasks that have the most impact
  17. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    I think the main thing is to treat it as your job. At the end of the day it IS your job afterall and if you worked in a store or a factory you'd have to stick to a specific routine. Working from home is just the same.
  18. Rusnal2

    Rusnal2 Member

    General rule. Have a space that you can secure. A place that is for biz.
  19. arthnel

    arthnel Member

    I love this post so much. I just go crazy knowing that I have the ideas but don't get to the goals. Working at home can be such a big distraction. my list now goes like this...

    • SIT DOWN.....No matter what, once the kids are ok, I just have to sit down and do the work
    • Write your Goal for the Day and stick it where you can see it.
    • Drink water and have snacks nearby
    • Turn your phone off
    • Go for an evening walk to clear your head and refresh
  20. Valsthrivers

    Valsthrivers Member

    Run your calendar or it will run you. I own a salon and started an at-home business that has taken off unexpectedly. I have learned to keep everything in a calendar to plan my time. I also keep my vision board next to me. My family knows I am working and they can also see what I am working toward.
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