We are lived in the internet age. Today we don't think a single day without the internet. The social network is the best way to reach the huge amount of targeted people. Here I some points I figure out:

Response problem Immiditatly
By utilizing of proper social media marketing, you can able to response your customers easily and quickly through social chat options.

Reach huge audience by your message
You can post any message, announcement or even lunch contest by using social pages or profiles.

Generate more sales
As you do-able to reach targeted audiences. So there is a vital chance to generate more sales any of your product or services

It's Free
Although social media marketing cost you some time but its totally free.


Suitable place to make a brand a promote. I know many company runs their business without having a website.

Building Community
Do you want to grow your business? Then the is the best place for building community and create the brand.

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Yes, no doubt about social media marketing for creating branding, drive free targeted leads and many other doors are opened for increase the sales.


The best way to advertise with facebook is to purchase the page manager subscription. Where they will help you advertise your page, etc.


It's kind of free, if you want a impact in social media you will need to hire some people or work you but off to get signals.

Or be really lucky and make a clever video lol.

I spend about $150 a month and social networking marketing. We don't get much direct business of any from it but the image and presence there helps people choose your business when they are shopping. The whole I have heard of them thing.


Thanks for sharing this information to us here. Very relevant and helpful. Well, yes, social media plays a significant role in the success of a business. You can use it for free to reach out to other people worldwide. Business owners should take advantage of the internet and make the best out of it.


Social media helps your sites rank in the front pages of search engines. If you share engaging content in your niche in social networking sites, your quality content gets likes, shares and other social votes. As your sites get more traffic, search engines would notice your strong social media presence and your sites gain authority in search engines.


There are a lot of plus points when it comes to using social media for your own benefit, and the points raised in the OP cover a lot of them already.

For people that are looking at new ways to market their sites and products, sites like Facebook are definitely the way forward.
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Great post! I agree completely. We are a Facebook ad agency, so I am a little biased, but digital advertising is the present and future. It's insane how much money you can make with Facebook advertising if you just know how to do it right!


Facebook and social media advertising is and will be for the foreseeable future the way forward, there's no doubt about that.

What's more surprising for me is the fact that with all the users currently signed up to various social media sites, it's not an area that's been looked at before, as even though social media as been around for a while now, actually focused advertising on there is still relatively new.
Great post Buddy!

I agree that social media marketing is the best way to reach huge audience plus it is free. I really like this feature.

Social media platform like Facebook is consider to be the authoritative place to brand or promote your business.
Off course social media is free, however, free promotion is always on the back seat compared to paid promotion. You can create groups and pages and promote and market your products for free, however, you will cannot reach large audience. On the other hands if you pay for your campaigns you can reach wide audience.
I'm currently seeking a way to make some twitter posts go viral. The reason behind this, I own an Environmental Business and I am currently in Rowlett,Tx a city widely effected by a EFP-4 Tornado. The damage is significant and thousands of people are still hurting due to the lack of spotlight that is on it. I have multiple reasons why i think this is happening the way it is (Politics) But thats not important. Whats important is spreading a good cause to get these people funds they need by Federal and State,That are supposed to be providing. They have a temporarily landfill where HAZARDOUS MATERIAL is going right behind an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Here is my Twitter-@Answers4Dallas1

Open to all suggestions!


Social media marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of marketing. If you don't have too much to spend for marketing your business, then you can go for social media. Social media has a huge reach nowadays and if you devise your marketing strategies properly then social media can give a big boost to your business.


Through social media platform many have been able to communicate to the world. Some have used the social media to connect with friends and family members. That has made the social media to be popular. Since publishers want traffic, they have discovered this platform that brings them free traffic. This has given them a chance to advertise to this audience hence making money.


Yes. I think social media has been really effective when it comes to marketing. But it has been abused and now there are too many limitations. It's not as effective has it used to be and I'm sure many marketers will agree with me that they don't get as much result as they use to get anymore.
I cannot agree with you more. Social media is more than just socialising with your friends. It has become one of the best ways of marketing your business or site. It is really cheap and sometimes, even free. All you need to do is setup an account or a page and you can start promoting your business.

Of course, it doesn't end there. You would need to create relevant and interesting posts to capture your audience. You would need to promote your business as much as you can. By doing this, you will be able to interact with your clients and see what they think of your business.


Facebook is helpful for startups, I think. I started posting some products on my page and see whether or not the people I know would get interested. What's great about it is that people would share your products for you. You can also create your own page. Facebook Page shows you the number of inquiries or views you receive in a day so it's easier for you to evaluate.


Three weeks ago I started using twitter for my business. Within these three weeks I followed about 10 big pages in my niche. I tweeted a few basic things and now I have 200 followers within only three weeks. My traffic is increasing by a lot. Twitter should not be ignored.

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