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Why Live Chat is Important for Your Business Website

Discussion in 'General Business and Entrepreneurship' started by Mack T, May 20, 2015.

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  1. Mack T

    Mack T Member

    There are several reason is live chat is so much important to grow up your business.I try to focus some important reason. Hope you like it.

    • Chance to convince your customer in real time : I just found a stat that shows 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live agent while in the middle of an online purchase.It may be they want to know about your services or products also they compare your services/products to others
    • Is live chat save your money : I say YES!!. The more you sell the more you earn simple logic. Just think live a business man. If you get 200% ROI so why not invest? You just make sure to hire qualified agents.
    • Increase your sales conversion up to 500% : Its quite possible even more through live chat.Don't believe me? Why not doing a test job?
    • Building Relationship : Integrating live chat option with your website will open a door to build a long time relationship with your customers.
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  2. Dandelion

    Dandelion Member

    Fabulous and logical points I must say. First I think live chat doesn't mean anything on online business but you open my eyes.
  3. Zuckerberg Jr

    Zuckerberg Jr Member

    Real time experience: I have a business to provide web hosting and I was running a very low profit. After adding the privilege of live chat, the sale was increasing tremendously.
  4. Jessica Danes

    Jessica Danes MVP Member

    @Mack T I love live chat! I can completely agree it convinces customers in real-time. It is so much easier to deal with than finding the customer service number and waiting to talk to someone. If you're able to provide this service to your customers, I highly suggest investing in it! Like it says above, why not do a test run? No harm in trying, right? Take the risk.
  5. Josephine Stuart

    Josephine Stuart MVP Member

    While I do think live chat can be useful for a variety of businesses, I'm not so sure about it saving money, even in the long run. You have to have someone available to answer those chats, yes? Where normally you'd just answer emails at your own convenience. Plus, you usually have to pay for the live chat service.

    Has anyone here used a live chat service? Can you confirm whether it saves or costs money in the long run?

    Regardless, I've heard PureChat is a really great option for this. They're an AZ company, so maybe I'm biased. :)
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  6. David_Wu

    David_Wu Member

    I love when certain websites I'm interested in have live chat features! It's the quickest way to get answers to queries and concerns, but I have to agree with Josephine. Surely, you need a customer rep to man this feature. And it would be disappointing for a potential customer who would use this, only to get nothing in reply.
  7. Sarah SMT

    Sarah SMT Member

    This is a great idea - may I ask what sites / programs you suggest or recommend for live online chat?
    (my site was built in wordpress)
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  8. djbaxter

    djbaxter Administrator Moderator Member

    Here's something that can be frustrating to prospective customers or clients:

    Chat not available-2017-03-20_12-17-11.png

    If you're going to implement a chat feature on your site, make sure that you have someone available to answer a request, at least during business hours. Otherwise, my recommendation is don't bother.
  9. Ashley John

    Ashley John Member

    As I can say it's the best option because it can give you instant conversion for your business.
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  10. Thank you so much for sharing such a useful information. This is very important who have a business website. Live chat is such a helpful for users to ask every question while they visit our website for looking any services. This will help them to clarify all the doubts easily and shop whatever they are looking for without any hassle.
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  11. Fabulous and logical points I must say. First I think live chat doesn't mean anything on online business but you open my eyes.
  12. Julia Sta Romana

    Julia Sta Romana Member

    Yes, I think it might save time and money IF you have a lot of support needs that requires immediate attention AND you're able to maximize your live chat by also using it to upsell.
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  13. I have a live chat plugin installed but kind of gave up on it as I only get around 50 people visit my site a day. I think it's time to give it another go
  14. Pauline Greening

    Pauline Greening Member

    Hey there!

    It depends on the situation. It would be a big help if there's an urgent need for your customers to have support 24/7 but if not, the usual email would be fine.
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