Hi guys,

I have a business that I have operated for over 7 years and we are past break even but not at the point that we can self finance growth into the market. I have been looking everywhere for a place that I can find an investor but everything seems to be for new start ups or million pound/dollar ideas!

Our business is healthcare and we operate in Spain looking after residents for around the world that reside in Spain and consider ourselves a very healthy company. But everyone I contact or applied for just not interested and I cannot understand why?

Where have all the investors gone that invest in the real world and services that really mean something to people?

If anyone know of a place I can go to find an investor with a heart beat that is not looking for what the future can hold but rather what can be given then please let me know.

I thank you for ready
@Lee Wakeman ; Welcome to BizWarriors.

Do share more details about your company and service under "Resource" tab , so interested can take a look and probably email.

Its indeed true today world of investor wants quick returns with high investment. But i believe things are going to change as we are in the cross road of a major change in the whole economy.
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