The sweat the blood the tears were freezing to our bodies as we cheered together. This was the moment we had been playing for all season, we were headed to the championship game.

A few short months ago we were a group of boys who hardly knew each other trying to come together as one well oiled cohesive football team.

We spent hours conditioning, studying the playbook, Everyday we worked on basic skills and footwork.

I had dreams of becoming the Emmitt Smith that my father cheered for on Sundays. I watched Barry sanders highlights studying his every move. hersel walker spent everyday doing a thousand pushups and sit ups because he couldn't afford a gym.

I adopted these same philosophies at 12 years old. Everyday I did push ups and sit-ups finding ways to make them harder every time they got easy. Everyday I practiced my foot work and visualization of how I would attack my opponents.

Our hardwork as a team paid off.

I made it to the first level. I became the mini version of the people on tv every Sunday.

5 years later I quit.

When I was 12 I was focused on being the best. There wasn't a concern for failure. It wasn't an option.

I lost focus as I grew into a teenager and discovered jobs paid you money and money bought you cars and cell phones which got you in front of girls.

These distractions pulled me away from what I needed to level up my training.

They pulled me away from identifying and connecting with a next level mentor and coach.

I gave in to teenage boy pleasures because I saw the crater between the now and the millions of dollars.

Here's why we quit:
We look at our goals from the wrong angle
We lose focus
We don't level up
We don't have the right people around us

We need the the right process to reach new heights:

My Mentors were NFL running backs as I saw and heard them from TV.
My Mantra was to work harder than anyone else
My Business to get quicker faster stronger everyday.

That is the difference between a professional and a failure.


Also, having intermediary goals are important. If you have one ultimate goal, then you might end up working most, if not your whole career before you reach that goal if you ever get to that point at all. And reaching goals are imporant for morale and a sense of progress.
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