Why Brands Should Rely on Influencer Marketing in 2018 and Beyond
by Shane Barker,
February 1, 2018

Influencer marketing has gone mainstream. With defined steps to implement it, more and more brands are going to rely on influencer marketing in 2018.

According to Linqia’s latest research:
  • Out of 86% marketers who used influencer marketing in 2017, 92% of them found it useful.
  • To make the most out of digital channels, 44% marketers are planning to use influencer content.
  • 36% of ecommerce marketers are planning to use influencer content in 2018 to increase their product sales.
The problem with TV ads was that you were reaching out to everyone. You could not effectively target your target audience. But with influencer marketing, you can have social media influencers reaching out to your audience. In simple terms, it’s more value for lesser money.

Influencer marketing now is a valid and successful marketing strategy used worldwide. Also, influencer marketing is a long-term marketing strategy. Your association with influencers will build your brand’s credibility and reputation for the long-term.

Many brands combine their influencer marketing with their social media marketing to maximize effectiveness and ROI. 2018 is going to see many brands adding influencer marketing to their marketing campaigns. The biggest reason for this change is that they are seeing influencer marketing working well for other brands. Also, because it gives them a chance to reach their exact target audience.



An Influencer Marketing Platform offers a direct way for brands to connect and work with influencers that are listed on a particular platform. Essentially these platforms help influencers to monetize their social media channels and brands to reach out their potential customers or increase engagement with their current ones.
Benefits of influencer marketing as-
- React as Content Machine
- Make your Brand Trustable
- Encourage Interaction
- Know how to Engage with Audience
- Boost Your SEO
- Get Attractive Traffic and Open new Opportunity


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To add to this ,in todays Jungle of global product and services "IT'S HOW YOU SELL and NOT WHAT YOU SELL" .

One of the other reason for this is if we just look around all our purchase we hardly use 20% of its capability, of our need of 10 to 15%. So the INFLUENCER is one of the top strategy which just caters that 10 to 15% of the need perfectly and make purchase decision one of the safest.
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