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Do you follow any well known individuals on Social Media that consistently inspire or motivate you and if so would you be willing to share who that is?

There are a lot of ‘celebrity’ type accounts out there that are branded as an individual but are clearly run by a marketing team. This is evident with the volume and nature of the posts. It can be very effective in marketing your brand and is a great way to recycle content from other sources within your organization. While I do enjoy some of those types of accounts I find I get more inspiration from individuals that are actually creating the posts themselves and have something additional to offer than what I could get from their website.

A great example of someone who does this well is Barbara Corcoran. You may recognize her from Shark Tank where she tells it like it is and is great at delivering a tough message. I follow her on Facebook Barbara Corcoran and really get a lot of enjoyment from her posts as well as inspiration. She posts mostly business related content, some from Shark Tank, some from the Entrepreneurs she’s invested with and a lot of how to be a great Entrepreneur wisdom. Along with this she also posts personal photos of her living life, having fun and being with her family. This is a big draw for me as it really speaks to the authenticity of her as an individual not just a brand.


I follow some celebrities on social media, but my source of inspiration is not a famous person, but just a Facebook page about arts and literature. It's called berlin artparasites. If you are interested in humanities, you may want to check this page on Facebook. They're awesome.


My inspiration comes from interesting people who are talking about life in general as well as social, political, and business issues. I am inspired by Black women who are growing their brands and succeeding in doing so. I really enjoy Michele Richardson's posts on Twitter which include tips and insights into developing a strong workforce and communicating effectively as a brand.


To be honest the only celebrities I follow are on Twitter, and they're not inspirational figures, just sports men and women usually.

Looking at people on social media for inspiration can work both ways and I think a lot of the people that you'd look up to can often prove not to be as legit as you thought.

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