Hello everyone, I just want to know which lead generation strategy worked best for your business. Was it through social media? Website blogging or content efforts (i.e. sign up forms), affiliates, Google click ads, or through whatever other means?


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Hello @David_Wu , frankly and practically its a mix of bag. As the taste of every one in internet is different.

If you are going after quality then we should know that users usually choose any one or max 2 (Blog - FB or Twitter - FB or Google - Blog or google - FB, etc) .

But our experience of success is always been to be front runner in content / subject / affairs that's hot topic and be that key of resource.


For me social media works best.

I hired Dynamic profiling for my social media activities. Other than this i am not invested in any other lead generation techniques. Dynamicprofiling team also provide social media listening services to monitor my competitors social media activities.

According to me, if you understand you're target audience well, Social media is best for you're business.
Which method is best depends on the nature of your business. Usually Social media and Telemarketing works best for services sector and if you are in other business try most of them and see which method gives you good results.
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