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Which is the best Software Development Company Services?

Discussion in 'Apps and Software' started by Johngolt, Dec 18, 2017.

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  1. Johngolt

    Johngolt Member

    Hello, everyone! Does anyone have an experience of working with software development company? I need an advice how to choose the best! Thank you if you help
  2. djbaxter

    djbaxter Administrator Moderator Member

    What type of software?
  3. FairyThehibiki

    FairyThehibiki Member

    I saw one here that has a top ranking. Though, I'm not really sure about if its good. Just check the VironIT - Software Development Company.
  4. HortiSz

    HortiSz Member

    Depends on the type of software really, but I would suggest you start looking on There you can search software development companies by technology, location etc. There are also pretty detailed reviews to help you choose a reliable company.

    While you are there, I would also suggest you check out RabIT Software Engineering, a reliable and growing software development company with impressive young talent behind it.

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  5. Polina_Polukhina

    Polina_Polukhina Member

    I would recommend defining the goals and looking for freelance exchanges, such as upwork and clutch are also good
  6. markdickinson

    markdickinson Member

    Very nice question, when you are choosing a software development company for your project then first of all you need to check the portfolios of company that the are develop before. Then if you find they are capable to fulfill your requirement then hire then otherwise you waste your money and time. You can drop your project requirement on online working platform like upwork that are working familiar with their clients.
  7. coppers

    coppers Member

    I worked only with freelancers, maybe you also would find good team on freelance.
  8. Small to Feds

    Small to Feds MVP Member Top Contributor

    Choosing the best software development company starts with your defining the scope you wish have the tool achieve and then competing that specification among capable suppliers. Whether acquiring an end product or a developer to assist in achieving that end product, certain basic rules of thumb apply.


    From strategic planning to marketing, from web site develoment to accounting, from subcontracting and vendor/contractor management to human resources policies, the small firm finds itself undergoing a business system design project.

    Understand the requirements first, review existing processes and tools next, develop a thorough requirements statement of what must be done in the way of enhancements and then consider automating or acquiring a developer. While performing your analysis keep the following 5 rules of thumb in mind:

    1. An electronic computer software package or service is not a system. One cannot acquire a system by acquiring them, nor can one find a good software developer without defining a baseline work scope for that resource.

    2. One acquires a system by conducting systems analysis, achieving a design and processes by working with the people who will run the system. This is hard work and time consuming. Processes are improved and made more efficient by modifying user behavior not by automating it. An adequate definition of work scope for a developer is key for contracting and control.

    3. Once system and analysis and system design are complete one can prudently choose tools to assist in running the system. The adequacy of a computer tool or service is driven by the requirements of the most efficient system design.
    The adequacy of a developer is driven by how well and how economically a competitor responds to your work scope specification.

    4. The biggest mistake implementation teams make is to believe they are buying a system when they buy a software tool, service or developer or let the tools or the develper drive the systems analysis process. That is like asking a mechanic to drive a wrench from New York to St. Louis. It has resulted in millions of dollars wasted and plummeting efficiency in many organizations, large and small.

    5. It is necessary to design a system and processes unique to the company to meet user requirements before going shopping for computer tools or services or acquiring a developer. If you do not you will be pigeon-holing your company into becoming a slave to the company that owns the software source code, service or development support. If you want anything changed in the existing product or development support it costs a big buck and developers have a way of making your project a permanent home without up-front definition and control.
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  9. gallagher

    gallagher Member

    I think to find a really good app development company is a difficult task. What app do you want to create? The cost completely depends on what are the features and functionalities actually you want to develop.

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  10. yatendra

    yatendra Member

    In the world have lots of companies to proving the web and app development services because they have the clone script of their old project which is helpful to build an app business plan. If you can hire these companies for the project then they can provide the impressive and big project at the reasonable price. Alternatively, If you have any trading plan then you can hire personal web developers.

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