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Where to start? Blank slate on watches

Discussion in 'Fashion and Accessories' started by Brian, Nov 3, 2014.

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  1. Brian

    Brian Member

    Hi all,

    Where would you recommend to start for developing a taste and appreciation for watches? When I was ten, I've always had a fascination with the tiny little gears. Never had a chance to break one open. Then recently, a friend of mine showed me his watch. He told me stories of businessmen placing their fortunes in rare watches because they never lose value.

    I'm going to break one open soon to satisfy my desire :) In the mean time, where to start learning more? Subscribe to watch magazines? Specific topics to read up on? Any other ideas? Hmm . . .

  2. K

    K Member

    I guess it would help for people to know your rough budget, watches you like, styles etc?
  3. Brian

    Brian Member

    I'm starting from ground 0. Not exactly buying watches to collect right now, but would like to learn more in general.

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