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Where to begin in forex...?

Discussion in 'Investments' started by burningb, Feb 20, 2015.

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  1. burningb

    burningb Member

    Can newbies make money in forex? Good advice to follow? What should they watch out for?
  2. scc

    scc Member

    Are you familiar with forex? Maybe read more on babypips.com and trade on demo first. ;)
  3. Enronitis

    Enronitis Member

    You're only a "newbie" as long as you let yourself be.
    As the above user said, read on babypips and do some google searching to learn more about what Forex is and how it actually works.
    You can invest with as little as you want essentially due to the high leverage used in Forex, so you may want to try some things out with a small disposable amount like say $100.
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