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Where do you do your Real Estate Research?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CM_2016, Sep 20, 2016.

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  1. CM_2016

    CM_2016 Member

    One of the things that goes along with being an entrepreneur is reading, A LOT. I'm really interested in where you search for your information. Are you intentional in looking at 3rd Party information or do you go straight for the people who are teaching the courses such as Moseley Real Estate Schools and Kaplan? Do you just click on whatever perks your interest and you do not care where the information comes from as long as it appears to be sound?

    I'd love to hear your responses.

  2. Isaac Kieffer

    Isaac Kieffer Member

    Depends on what real estate you're talking about. As a broker I choose to get my information straight from my brokerage as they are the experts in my market. They know everything about the market and are involved 365 days a year. After paying them 17000$ a year they are happy to share all the information too (;
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  3. scaleclack

    scaleclack Member

    I always use google in searching about real estates. If not, I just ask my friend who is a broker if I would need to inquire for a house and lot for sale or anything related to it.

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