I am thinking about having a marketing webinar for potential businesses clients. One question I have concerns scheduling. Since the clients are owners, managers, or other people who actually run a business, should I schedule it during the business day, or early evening, say 7:00 PM? If I do schedule it during the business day, what time would be best?


I don't think there's any way to work around the diverse schedules of a large number of potential attendees.

Many people would probably prefer not to have it in the evening or on the weekends because it would interfere with family time and needed rest and recreation activities. You could, of course, contact potential interested people and ask them directly what would work for them. Alternatively, you could offer it at two different times and let attendees choose the time that's best for them; that's a lot more work for you of course.

I would think that probably the best strategy is to start advertising the webinar well in advance and schedule it for early to mid afternoon during working hours. Given enough time, those interested could probably block off an hour or so.
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