As entrepreneurs, we are all been pushed or motivated by various factors.

Some of are motivated and pushed by the example and life of past great business men, for some it is poverty and the determination to end that in their lives and that of that family, community and even country.

Some others are motivated by the in born passion and intuition to do business, create and invent.

The list is endless I will say.

But for me! I am motivated by the poor state of my country and the level of unemployment among we young graduates and youths, I am motivated by the entrepreneurs that are changing the life of thousands and putting food on their table. I am motivated by God almighty for giving the grace to have a creative mind and the gut to go after it.

Fellow entrepreneurs, What is your "push and motivation"?


I'm also influenced by the economy of my country-- I'd like to contribute to that growth but I also wish a better life for my family starting with a better career for myself so I can help them more. I'm also motivated by being successful and good at what I do and never settle with being mediocre in my life.


To be honest with you, I just want to offer to my future family the life that I've never had. It's that simple. I want to enjoy life, help a lot of people and have a great family. Nothing else more, but it's more than enough.
I am motivated to help others live a life they deserve. I'm motivated to help people seeking time freedom, financial freedom and freedom from undernourished bodies. I see people everywhere and I know I can help. I have a global vision to touch a million lives.


God will always be my top motivation in this life. Of course, I also consider my family as my inspiration. They are the reason why I am striving hard. I want to give them a good life, and I want them to be really proud of me. My friends, and my significant other keep me motivated as well.


God first. Secondly, is the desire not to work under those that will over use you to better their businesses and under pay you for your service. I also hate the thought of going about with my CV in search for job where there is little or none. I won't join that train. Lastly, the zeal to make a better life myself and my family and friends, and to contribute my own quota to the growth of my country and the world at large is my drive.
For me, it's creating culture and leaving a lasting impression. I started my company because I noticed there were not many people that looked like me, black, in media. So I created Project A Media and started creating books and content that portrayed black people the way I think I would want to be portrayed. So my push is leaving behind a legacy and creating something my children and their children can love.
I believe it is working out, people have stopped my on the road and commented that their children love my book. That makes it worth it.


My love for myself and for my family are the reason why I am motivated to live my life into this world and what keeps me going!. Life is beautiful and meaningful and I want to experience it with my love ones and with the people who put meaning into my life.
I have 2 sons and I am expecting another in a few weeks. They are my motivation. The economic situation in my country is terrible and I would really like to ensure that I set a foundation for them. I promise them they are going to become the owners of my businesses in the future. I have not started any as yet because of various factors but I will keep my promise to my sons. They give the drive to get up and get going when all I want to do is sit back I'm glad they are in my life, even though things may seem harder having to care from them, I'm sure they are the reason for a lot of my achievements to date.


I am just motivated by a higher force :)
That's the only way to explain it. If you think about it, I just can't stop. I can't stop growing. I have to keep studying, researching, experimenting, networking, and so on. There is no big plan for it, it just is the way it is.

I know that I am highly unemployable because I work 16-20 hours a day and more when I have some goal to achieve. I work zero hours when I don't. I automate things which allows me free time and still I work 16 hours a day. If I stop working, I feel like my day just isn't the same. That's me.

My work itself is motivation. I like helping people. I like writing and creating content. I want to spread knowledge and yet I want to stay behind the veil because I love my privacy. Money is not the factor that motivates me. Competition is not what drives me. My work motivates me for no reason other than because I love to work.


When I put up my boutique, it was borne from the potential. I had been selling informally by getting clothing by consignment, that means I had no capital outlay although I sell the goods by installment and I pay my supplier in cash. Seeing that I had lots of customers, I thought that I was lucky for such a business. My boutique was good at first but maybe I lacked time to fully manage it because I have a daytime job. I closed shop after a year.


To have enough money so me and my family never have to worry about money ever again. That's what I'm trying to do.

That might sound very materialistic, but me and my partner both grew up in poverty and have had to fight to get where we are today. We don't want our children to grow up like we had to, and we ourselves are sick of struggling and want to enjoy life. Money, while isn't everything, it would help in what we want to achieve in the future.


When I think of push and motivation I get one question.
What makes you get up everyday and makes you want to be a better man?

Some people will say their dogs some their children. It depends, as for me it is my sisters. I am a big brother and I realised everything I have done up to now is so that I am a good big brother to them. They are the ones that make me get up and want to be a better person.
Well, something inside me says that I can do this. I had my own business and it was working very good and then we moved and I lost it. I now write and prove myself. I just love to learn and share and hopefully that will get my writng back out of the pits. Then again, I think it is the market now and nothing that I have or haven't done because I am not the only one that this is happening to.
I would love to get my sewing business up again, but through many years of trying, it still has not taken off. It was in the perfect location when it was really beginning to take off, but since moving to a rural location, it has bombed. It doesn't stop me from trying and same with the writing. I just like to be the Light...even though someone has turned the light out on me....LOL
I know that I am here for a reason and I think that is my motivation to keep on keeping on.
One other strong motivation is that I have no car and my husband has three jobs. Oh two of them are part time, but it sure would be nice if I could make money to help pay the bills or have some to spend on things that we would love to do.


I am spiritually inclined and a devout Christian and what motivates me every waking day is my faith. The fact that God is watching me every step of the way is a great bulwark against the adversities of life. No matter what happens in this life, everything will work for the good. Another thing is that this world is a temporary staging pad for eternity. So I do my best since the struggle is ours and victory will be granted by God in the fullness of time.


Spirituality certainly gets people motivated. I have this video on my system, "God Did not put us here to fail". Check it out, its by Billionaire and Philanthropist Jon Huntsman.


Reading through the posts on this thread, it's already clear that people can draw on lots of different forms of inspiration. Motivation and inspiration is clearly a personal thing and people need to find what works for them.

Money is often seen as a key motivation for a lot if people but it's clear that's not the only thing that drives us, and that's how it should be.

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