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Whats your proudest achievement?

Discussion in 'Mindset and Motivation' started by Tagging, Jan 14, 2016.

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  1. Tagging

    Tagging Member

    As an entrepreneur what is your proudest achievement?
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  2. Zac Johnson

    Zac Johnson Member

    The short answer is being able to enjoy what I do. Everything I have accomplished is a result of my own success and failures. It's not easy and it never will be... that's what most people don't get. But it definitely beats going into an office and working for someone else so they can achieve their dreams.

    I wouldn't trade my life for the world.
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  3. Valsthrivers

    Valsthrivers Member

    Earning an $800 a month autobonus at 9 weeks into my new career as an entrepreneur! I'm a 51 year old salon owner that just decided to go for it!
  4. Corazon

    Corazon Member

    I actually have no achievement of sorts as an entrepreneur. My first venture with a boutique had failed. The second attempt is a retail business of computer supplies that peaked with 4 employees. But again, it didn't last long due to a personal issue. And for my proudest achievement in life is my job in the bank - I am currently holding an executive position with a good salary to boot. That's why they say I'm not lucky with business because I am lucky in my job.
  5. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Member

    As an entrepreneur I may say that so far I had no achievements that I can be proud of. Before when I was not still married my two businesses had not been successful that is why I had stopped first the idea of having a business again. But recently me and my husband had a plan of franchising a business maybe next year and we had talked already to the franchising company last December of 2015. Hopefully this will materialize and I do hope this time I will have that achievement that I can be proud of.
  6. MeshBean

    MeshBean Member

    Increasing my CPI Traffic .
  7. Randi Hodges

    Randi Hodges Member

    I am a stone engraver by trade, sold the business 3 years ago. In 2001 Ford Motors gave me a call from New York to my small business in Southern Oregon. They said they wanted to do a Ford Explorer promotion and wanted to use engraved stones with the promo package. We went back and forth over the next few weeks and I just kept saying yes. Thinking all along that I would not have a chance. I kept saying yes. Then they said yes, and awarded me the job. I only had one employee. They needed them airlifted to Pennsylvania in 6 weeks! The figure I came up with was 6 figures- and started with a 4! A 131,000 stone order that said collect life! I thought first I would hire everyone in my small town, then I thought of Goodwill. I interviewed with a facility 3 hours north of me. They were so excited and we moved forward. 70 plus "will workers" working
    in shifts of 16 hour days. Got them on the plane in time and the executives of Ford were pleased. OMG this was a WILD time in which I learned the valuable lesson of "Never let them see you sweat"...[ATTACH=full]393[/ATTACH]

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    Last edited: Mar 3, 2016
  8. djentre

    djentre Member

    Execution! In 2014, I was able to execute a ton of my plans, I was on fire. I produced like a zillion pages of content, and other product. And its been bringing in money even now, with no effort on my part. Although, the income has reduced quite a bit from it, but its like a monthly windfall for me.
  9. Randi Hodges

    Randi Hodges Member

    What is it that you do and execution of what...social media? forums? I want a monthly windfall that feeds my future with what I am doing today. What is your secret sauce?
  10. djentre

    djentre Member

    I can't reveal my secrets, at least not in detail. But here is what I did:
    1. Created Content: What's content? I was a blogger for years and then I realized "why don't I convert my blogs into books and videos", so I did. Kindle books(published them on amazon kindle for $2.99), pdf long courses(sold them via clickbank for $34.99) , reports (made them available for free), and videos(put them on youtube and monetized them).
    2. Marketed like crazy: I used fb and twitter really well. Mainly because I didn't have a lot of money to pay for dubious marketing. I realized that every time I posted on Twitter, I made 10 CB sales - at least that was my observation.

    I think the most important thing for me was that I had researched well. Frankly, you don't have to look for a niche, I just wrote what I knew and then packaged it so people would buy it. No body can really take me up on my home turf, my niche. For example, not a lot of people can claim going from x to y on standardized tests, that's sort of my niche. Another is related to certain types of programming. You'd have to put in 5-10 years before really cracking any of those niches as an expert.
  11. remnant

    remnant Member

    My proudest achievement is a bit unique in that it is not based on materialism. It is being able to remain happy and optimistic irrespective of the circumstances sorrounding me. Whether my entreprise, venture or any other area of life is on an upward or downward trajectory, I have managed to keep my inner man at peace.
  12. Valerie

    Valerie Member

    I would say my proudest achievement to date has to be getting accepted in a dance company. In a way, it took a lot of entrepreneurial skills to promote myself and network. More than I would have thought. Yay, for successful independent contracting!

    Thought I have to say, I love how everyone has their own definition of what an achievement is. Big or small, everyone has something to be proud of. I think that's awesome.
  13. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    Well when I consider my proudest, I think to the point when I felt the proudest of myself, and that had to have been graduating college. I was the first in the family to go, struggled quite a bit, but got through it and did pretty well. I have accomplished some more things, many of them more significant and more noteworthy, but that was the point when I was the proudest I think.
  14. jona

    jona Member

    I am a software developer. A few years ago I came across a resume from some random guy that listed his skills with the use of one of the systems that I helped develop.

    That really made me feel that I had created something that had an impact.

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