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What's the best way to get early investors?

Discussion in 'Financing Your Business' started by Tagging, Apr 12, 2016.

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  1. Tagging

    Tagging Member

    I'm struggling to get early investors for my start up, how do you get people excited when there's no revenue etc?
  2. Pejman Ghadimi

    Pejman Ghadimi Member

    You use facts, not speculations based on your own belief. Gaining investors is about showing them you know what you are doing, not just selling them a dream. Dreams are for employees you hire to work for free.
  3. Deni Dzoja

    Deni Dzoja Account Closed

    Yeah Pejman is right. Getting funding is very difficult because you have to have a customer base as of now. If you don't have any actual numbers, you will have a REALLY hard time getting funding. Get your customer base up, create an executive summary (3-5 pages), and use that to show investors what you have going on and what you plan to do. Good luck.
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  4. Corazon

    Corazon Member

    You have to create a promotional kit that includes graphics aside from the text. The business is explained in the shortest and clearest possible way so the reader would easily get the gist of the business. Next is the guarantee that the business will earn, maybe this would be best explained by graphs or charts. And lastly, you have to present your bio to show not only your reputation but also your basis for putting up the business.
  5. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    People especially these days don't just want to be shown an idea, and then asked to take it or leave it, but at the same time they want you to be honest and open about what you plan to achieve aswell as you putting across what the aim is.

    It's a fine line trying to get new investors interested, but once you've got their attention and they're willing to listen, you still then have to then keep it.

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