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What was the first thing that you had in your mind?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ReadmeByAmy, Jan 26, 2016.

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  1. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Member

    As I wake up every morning I always had this habit of saying a little prayer first to God to thank Him for giving me another day in my life and to asking Him to guide me to do all my works and responsibilities for the day..

    How about you? As soon as you wake up every morning what was the first thing that you had in your mind? What are the things that you are thinking that you would like to do or accomplish for the day?
  2. Federico.Gimeno

    Federico.Gimeno Member

    Every morning, the first thing I get in mind is to have my first warm cup of coffee and go see my daughter, almost always she is still asleep. I record that image for the day in my memory. I think of her whenever I need some push in order to accomplish something.
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  3. Francis K

    Francis K Member

    About two days ago, I started a 5-minute journal. When I wake up, I write 3 things that I am grateful for, 3 things that would make today great, and a daily affirmation to hold dearly throughout the day. At night before I read myself to sleep, I write down 3 great things that happened in the day and 3 ways that today could have been better. Looking forward to seeing to results half a year from now.
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  4. Vinaya.Ghimire

    Vinaya.Ghimire Member

    The first though I had when I woke up this morning was "Oh shit, I could not wake up in the morning, I lost couple of earning opportunities." I was planning to wake up t 2 AM and then work on couple of writing projects.However, I could not wake up and I lost my contracts.
  5. onlinecashcity

    onlinecashcity Member

    On the weekdays, it's how tired I am and how I should have gotten more done the day before. Basically regret, that slowly turns to motivation as I'm at work.

    On the weekends, it's if I should skip the gym and how to spend my time off.
  6. swalia

    swalia Member

    I wake up every morning with gratitude. I thank God for giving me another beautiful day with new hopes and aspirations. Starting the day with gratitude is the best thing you can do. God has given us so much to be thankful for yet all we do is complain. Thankfulness brings abundance and so I believe in being happy and grateful for whatever God has blessed me with.
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  7. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    Well, yes, as soon as I wake up in the morning, I make sure to thank God for giving me another day to be productive and to be of help to other people. It's time to rise and grind again.
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  8. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Member

    Yes it is true! Giving thanks to God for all the blessings he had given to us will always give us the inspiration to live our life meaningful in this world..
  9. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Member

    You are absolutely right! When the sun starts to shine every morning it only means that it is also the time to rise up and to start doing our work and responsibilities for the day.
  10. harpazo22

    harpazo22 Member

    That's awesome, I pray too in the morning! I then think about what I'm going to do for the day.

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