Hi everybody,
I am starting a B2B lead generation business.

What we do:
- we create custom highly targeted prospect lists for SMBs
-we enrich these lists with direct contacts (emails ( for the cold email campaigns, social profiles [linkedin, Twitter]... and any contact needed by the client) of the decision makers.
- we help enrich CRM and keep salesteams' pipeline full

I am starting and plan to reach out first to:

-social media marketing companies
-human resources consulting companies
- business developers

My questions:

1) Are these aforementioned relevant targets ?
2) What target would you suggest ( SMBs only) ?



social media marketing companies
I don't know what kind of social media companies you have in mind; so, I'm not sure how to provide feedback. Are you thinking of targeting hootsuite and alike, or are you thinking of targeting small marketing companies. If it's the latter, then I'm not sure how they can benefit from your service.

human resources consulting companies
I don't know enough about this industry :(

business developers
No, BizDev most challenging task is finding the right partners; contact info is trivial since they simply contact headquarter and quickly find their way around.

Perhaps you can partner with other companies to reach a larger enterprise and audience (if you can scale).
For example, Demandbase and Bizo (acquired by linkedin) provided B2B business insight about anonymous visitors, which sounds like you can enrich to empower sales funnel.
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@mike_alv_fr , today's demand of lead generation is very complex and a company usually want something of absolute out of the box solution along with the data base. Its the result that count... the age old way of selling database of email and phone number is no more working.... as mailer / email / phone calls all comes with SPAM guidelines or heavily monitored for the same.

So just dont sell the database come up with more committed result oriented package.
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