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In the past few years we have seen many launching their own Affiliate Networks, many from their kitchen table. They are coming from every corner of the world now. I've communicated with many of them, they are pounding me on Skype, email, and through PM's here in the Fix Forums. I find so many of them don't know the first thing about professionalism and often very little about the industry itself.

What's your "litmus test" for determining the viability of a network wanting your business?


hmmmm this is hard because I try to stay with the networks that i enjoy working with or atleast the person that has moved from network to network as I trust that person. there are a lot of affiliate groups that can vouch or nay new networks. I would even google the owner name and talk to them directly.

i dont have a test. back in the day I would test network offers and scale slowly but always have an open communication. and if lots its a lost its really a risk to take. I dont even trust those network ranking sites as some networks pay to have negative comments removed etc.

Jack Benoit

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First, I would check whether they have an affiliate link to every product. A potential buyer should land on the sales page not the homepage. The affiliate networks should also have a custom link option to showcase the product using one's URL for example, the pricing page. I would also look for promotions like custom discount coupon codes to promote a product. They should also have email updates to keep clients abreast of new products and offers. Finally, they should be able to display affiliate statistics and banners. This helps the client know whether the affiliate program is working for them.
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