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What is your best advice to stay motivated?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oliver Paulsson, Aug 30, 2017.

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  1. Oliver Paulsson

    Oliver Paulsson Member

    The title says it all ;)
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  2. mentrabi

    mentrabi Member

    For me, motivation is like a drug. The more you do stuff, the more stuff you want to keep doing. Once you get the ball rolling on a task you'll have momentum that will keep you going.

    The hardest part is getting started. Always.
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  3. Charu

    Charu Member

    self motivation is the key for success.
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  4. Jessica A.

    Jessica A. Member

    Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. If you keep the ball rolling, then you won't have to worry about stopping. You just have to find a good enough reason to keep it rolling in the first place. The problem lies in where to get your motivation. A visual is one way to get motivated. Make a dream board for yourself and hang it where you can see it all the time.
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  5. Brittney

    Brittney Member

    Every few days, I add a new entry to my CEO Journal (I also review previous entries days later). I don't just write "random" things, I answer questions, such as:

    • Identifying my biggest problem at the moment (only 1)
    • Identifying an immediate solution to the problem (reinforces that I an capable of solving any problems that arise)
    • Express gratitude for something/someone (because even when there's a problem, I always have something to be thankful for)
    • Give a piece of advice to myself (especially helpful when I come back and review the entry)
    • 3 Things I love about myself (because I'm freaking awesome!)
    • 1 Reflective Win (shows me that I've had wins in the past and I will totally have them in the future)
    • My Daily Why (REALLY IMPORTANT - I reinforce why, just for that day, I continue to pursue my goals... Here's the deal, everyday has a different why, some more dramatic than others, lol.... But this really reminds me WHY I continue to get up at 3am and work until 6-7pm, why I only take Sundays off, why I don't go out on dates/hang with friends.... I have too many important things to do.... Any I know WHY I have to do them.

      If you take anything from above... It should be "know your WHY".
  6. FairyThehibiki

    FairyThehibiki Member

    Loving someone gives me the motivation to pursue my work to succeed
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  7. Himanshu Gaud

    Himanshu Gaud Member

    The best way to stay motivated is reading business books and self-help books. This will definitely helps you in your carrer.
  8. Leif Staff

    Leif Staff Member

    Set goals and make it fun!
  9. okanda

    okanda Member

    follow your idol
  10. z.m2012

    z.m2012 Member

    Setting daily goals and making sure I achieve them by the end of the day keeps me motivated. It can be a goal that's very insignificant to everyone else but very significant to you. I think achieving everyday goals stops people from postponing happiness and once u start finding happiness and content in doing so- it becomes kind of addictive, thus causing you to chase that feeling everyday by fulfilling your goals.
  11. Small to Feds

    Small to Feds MVP Member Top Contributor

    Follow your value system.
    Values do differ.

    Our existence and our mental universe are driven by factors that we as individuals inherit through the gene pool, as enhanced by our experiences in life.

    In short we are most at peace when we are in sync with the personal value system that has evolved as a result of the above factors and when we are permitted to pursue our values in our personal and professional endeavors.

    If we cannot achieve that harmony we will seek change. Human intellect is an ever restless endeavor and we struggle to evolve in other aspects fast enough to adapt to our technology.

    The human physiology has not evolved to match the pace at which we live today. We are prone to overweight, mental disorders, and many other weaknesses as a result. We are sensitive and vulnerable creatures, designed in a complex and vastly varying ways.

    The pace of life these days requires cultivation of expectation management and everyone must evolve their own unique form of that art to achieve their individual fulfillment.
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  12. Saifullah Khan

    Saifullah Khan Member

    The only thing that can keep you motivated is the lust of success.

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