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What is the mother of invention

Discussion in 'Mindset and Motivation' started by Sarthak, Mar 22, 2016.

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  1. Sarthak

    Sarthak Member

    Some inventions serve to resolve a necessary and imminent problems. The drive to invent and help others is the driving force behind these businesses. Are these more likely to thrive than businesses that are based on fad or wants?
  2. jona

    jona Member


    Even if you create something that solves a problem for you that doesn't mean that you created something that's going to sell millions of units. Even if you create something that solved a problem for a bunch of people in your environment you still don't have a business, you just solved some problems. If a fad has a bigger market than a real solution, the fad will prevail.

    And then, guess what? Marketing, if 2 products are competing for the same market share the one with the better marketing will prevail even if it is inferior and the other one actually solves some problems.

    You know what comes third? Looks, yep, that's right, people will choose your competition over your product if the product of your rival looks prettier. You could have 10 more features but if your product is pretty ugly, guess what?

    Pretty fads that are sold well and have a big enough market will be more successful than actual reasonable business solutions that were marketed all wrong and that don't look as good.
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  3. Sarthak

    Sarthak Member

    Marketing and packaging is huge part of a business. Fad's do tend to catch on easy but they die easily too. It easily gets competition since the replicablilty is not a huge barrier to entry. I think the team also plays a very important role in making a business/startup successful. What do you think about startup success which has a great product. How important is the partnership in a startup?
  4. djentre

    djentre Member

    Nope. You see, any needs generally cost less because there will always be a lot of people producing products or services that meet those needs. Other than healthcare, which by the way is only expensive in a few countries (guess which ones), all the other needs cost less even with inflation coming into play. Think about it! The basic needs are food, shelter, clothing, education and healthcare. The higher needs may be adventure, entertainment, and spirituality or something. If I have a home, do I need to buy another one? No. If I have food, would I need to buy more food? No.

    The way to make real money is to create a market. And the mother of invention is market creation now. This is the reason why we have massive R&D budgets at giant firms.

    Sure there is a lot of food, but 50 years ago, there weren't 20 different varieties of yogurt, right? Someone created a market for chocolate yogurt first. And then it was a thing. Its a want if you think about it that will never become a need.

    So, like the posters above me have said, its really all about market and marketing.

    I would just like to take it one step further and say, existing markets mean existing competition. So, always try to create a market. So, its really about market creation and then marketing.
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  5. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    You are both correct! All of these elements are true. All of them have merit as they all currently have real life examples from the past and in the present.

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