I think the title says it all, but I'm just wondering what the best way and sources are at the present time to be able to get a grant for starting a business or a non-profit. If you're not considered a minority business owner or female business owner in which special consideration and grants are often given, it seems to be rather difficult to obtain. Do you know the best way to go about either one? If so, please let me know! Thank you! :)

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There really isn't any funding from the U.S. Government any longer for business grants.

Government Grants for Small Business—Think you Qualify?

There are city by city and a few state by state grants, but they are severely limited and rare.

However, some businesses (large corporations) often make grants available to us through mostly innovation contests and challenges. Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and hundreds of others provide platforms every year to encourage and nurture the innovators of the world.


The best way to look into this is to see what types of grants were given out last year and see what sorts of areas they covered. I think that the user above is correct when he mentions innovation, because I can think of some examples locally where the University and other agencies have gotten grants for innovative ideas.


Thank you TJ and rz. Years ago (over a decade now), I bought a book from a guy named Matthew Lesko (he always wore question-mark suits and used to talk about free money through government grants) to see what kind of information was collected and available. It was a huge resource, but in recent years, even the people he had compiling that information for him said there's few if any resources left for everyone unless they fit a specific niche or are in government themselves to be able to qualify.

I suppose state funding would be the only way to go then if the ones business owners and startups can try for still exist?

It worries me a little to know that the only sources for grant funding now are offered only by the larger corporations, some of which were given bailouts by the government which no longer provide grants for the people. I have many thoughts on this, but the conclusion I come to is not quite as positive or optimistic as it was before with all the changes that have happened since I last considered trying for one.

I will check into the state grants and availability, and see if there's anything in the local city. Thanks again!
Years ago when I was going to cosmetology school, I remember hearing about several of the ladies I went to school with getting small business grants to open their own shops. I guess getting these would depend on what your business is and how much your services are needed in your specific area. I honestly did not know that state grants were still available for opening a business. Thanks for posting this info. I will definitely check into it.


In 2012, my husband had applied for a grant to make a movie. The cultural commission had granted him 500k pesos to make the movie. And when the movie project rolled, the realization hit us that the grant is not enough. So we had to shell out money to augment the budget just to finish the project. And although it was finished, my husband decided against showing it in the theaters because there are loopholes in the story.

Some friends are urging us to seek another grant and make another movie but this time I declined.


The best way is to first pitch your business idea which will enable potential granters to assess its prospects and your seriousness as well as professionalism. Then post it to various grant giving organizations which you can access through a simple Google search. Ideas to do with social entrepreneurship easily attract interest.
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