Jan 6, 2018
Hey guys, so I am in college and I recently started a business that's a society club. The business caters to people that want to build on their leadership skills, especially young students that lack communication skills, confidence etc. One thing I am struggling with is coming up with an effective recruitment system that's gonna help me hire the people with the right mindset to help me get this club up and going. Please leave any words of advice or suggestions that will help me out. Thanks a lot :)


Oct 2, 2017
Hi z.m2012,

I think we need more context before we can provide feedback.

I'm getting the impression that your target clients are students on campus. Even if you have a vision to grow-it, I suspect you want to start from the campus.

I'm reading between the lines here!

This leads me to think about money matters..., how much will these students pay for your service and what is a driving factor? For example, the school bookstore makes money because students need them for the classes.
Without need, students are not likely to spend much money. But don't worry, as a marketer your job is to turn "nice to have" into a need; for example, we need the newer smarphone :) Do you already have this hashed-out?

Perhaps, you are looking to provide service as a non-profit, in which case you would need to get donations to help facilitate your business because those employees are not cheap.

My questions just keep adding-on...
  • Do you have clients now, if so how many
  • How do you find your clients
  • Do you get paid
  • Are you targeting students for employees or experienced professionals, which require compensation
  • How are employees compensated (if any)
  • Is the employment part time or full-time (how many hours a week)
  • Is there a set schedule
  • Is your business formalized (with local judiciary) or are you still figuring things out
Your profile suggests that you're a young entrepreneur; so, I'm trying to figure-out what you have done and what you're are doing now so that we can provide the help that you are looking for.

My interpretation of your question is: "How can I get other students to help me provide this service; but, I can't pay them yet, or want to have a club to help people", which there is nothing wrong with it; I just don't know what you are asking.

Kind regards,