@Vakru, if you were working on gaining traffic/traction for your blog there would be no issue with trying to make money with it as well. Although, a small percentage actually make sufficient income or get rich from their own blog but those that turn out to be high traffic and quality blogs do end up so from selling advertising space, adding affiliate banners/Google Ads, or combination of them.
Well, It's a natural thing to earn from your running blog. Because if you are handling a blog then you can earn from this. If you want to target more traffic for your blog then you should do free online advertising because it will help you to tell everyone what is your blog and through this what you want to offer actually.
This might sound particularly controversial, but in my eyes - I feel that innovative ideas are dramatically overrated. Innovative solutions to aged ideas though, is where a huge number of business-people make their fortune. What ideas already exist? How could they be refined? I believe this is where your idea of operational viability comes into fruition, @Vakru . Take Headsets.com for instance. Call centre and office headsets can be bought from a number of retailers, but Headsets.com set out to completely own that market. Distribution, sourcing, pricing and merchandising are all under constant refinement. There's little to no reason why someone would then opt to buy from anywhere else. Which I guess is a solution in of itself. Innovation within processes is incredibly understated, but far more viable than creation of brand new ones. That's my two cents, at least.
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