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Whatever you are working on, go as niche as possible. Take advantage of all the free advertising opportunities you have (social, interviews, guest blogging) and interview others within your niche to get a boost of branding in traffic to your site. Don't have anyone to interview in your industry/niche? Simple, create an infographic around data within your niche and contact 100 sites and see if any will mention, share or link to your content.

As for ups and downs, you just need to stick with it. Running a successful business on the internet is NOT easy at all. It's so easy for anyone to get started, so you need to continually create better content, experiences and simply do better than the competition.


Having a clear image in your mind of what you want to achieve can help when it comes to motivation aswell.

All businesses have ups and downs so it's important to try and treat them both the same. Take the bad times but remember that there will be good times also. Let that image if where you want to be in life drive you on and motivate you.
Know that there is success for you if you continue on in this journey. Every business has its ups and downs. Maybe you're in the down side right now, but be happy because when you're at your lowest, you can only go up. Maybe you're in your up side right now, don't be contented. You need to work harder to achieve your goals. You are the key to making your business a success. Good luck!


The best advice would be to get a vision. Research that vision and research it some more. Research the good and the bad things that happen within that market. Research is a big one because you do not want to be blind to facts within the market. Once you have your vision and have researched it thoroughly, that is when you plan how you will start your new business venture. This is just the beginning and it takes much time, patience, and money to start a successful business. Remember it takes money to make money, and entrepreneurship is a huge investment.
The best advice I can give to someone starting a business is "YOU CAN." I will share some inspirational stories about the entrepreneurs who created an empire from scratch,for instance, I remind him the story of Bill Gates


Attitude is definitely a key ingredient to becoming successful and starting a new business. No matter how hard it might seem, you have to have a positive attitude ind believe that your going to be a success.

If you start off worrying about failure and not wanting to be too optimistic, the chances are you won't be a success and you will ultimately fail.
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Believe in yourself. Believe in what you are doing.
Stay focused. Make a plan and follow it. Review it, stay on course, be accountable for what your plan is. Be flexible if you need to and re-evaluate regularly. Brainstorm with others but avoid all negative thinkers. Plan to work hard long hours until you have exceeded your goals. Expect to succeed. I wish you well. I love success stories and hope to read about yours!


In a business there will always be ups and downs that is why you must have the strong will to face whatever challenges you might encounter while you travel the road to your journey of your business. Your determination, positive motivation and hard work will surely help you to succeed. In case you fall down don't lose hope and give up at once but instead stand up and think of reaching for your goals.


Ups and downs are a part of any venture. But failures should be considered as a stepping stone to success. Learn from your failures and move on. Persistence and hard work will eventually make you succeed.


Don't get mad if you fail. No, you are not a failure, you just need to learn why it didn't work and how could you apply the lessons you learned to your next business. As simple as that. Most of the top entrepreneurs failed a bunch of times and yet, here they are, with a net worth of billions.


In starting a business, the first you will do is make up your mind to succeed at it. Get into the business with mindset of a success and look for what you love doing. This can be fun and stress less when you are able to make money from what you love.
This is just step one.


Something else that you can't be afraid to do when starting a new business, is adapting to things as and when they come up.

Sometimes your plans don't always work out due to circumstances beyond your control, but instead of blindly sticking to an original idea and hoping for the best, don't be afraid to change things if needed.

Many businesses have started out with one plan or idea in mind, but then gone down an entirely different route, only to go on and be more successful than they ever thought. Adaptability is often overlooked.
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As a freelancer, I've gone through ups and downs. I've had weeks where I could get thousands and other weeks where Iwas trying to get $5.00 from mturk. The point is to realize that these ups and downs will not stop for the rest of your natural life. No matter, how much your business seems to have "made it", there will always be days or situations that will drag you down (you don't get a client or you say something stupid on social media and lose a lot of clients).

Your motto needs to be: If I see the sun today, I have a new chance.

The work that you do on the days you feel empowered will set up the coincidences when you are at your worst. Think about it. That client or product you worked on at night when you only had $30 in your banking account might call you with a thousand dollar offer on the day you just dropped your ice cream after your significant other left you....or maybe not.

The moral of the story is that we get all caught up in the emotions of the now, when we truly don't know what will happen the next moment. You don't know what will happen.

Keep working and let the results speak for themselves. Your job is to plant the seed so it can appear somewhere in your life right when you need it to. If you need to change something, do that. Just keep marching forward to something bigger than what's going wrong in your life.
"Attitude, not aptitude will give you altitude" as Zig Ziglar says. So yes, starting a new business starts with having a positive, growth-focused mindset.

You also need to have the grit and determination to persist, because you will face adversity. You need the downs to balance the ups. It always takes longer than you think, but keep going. And obviously starting a business should be based on sound research and decision making, so if it's a viable idea, you should plan for dips and delays.

Lastly, keep things simple. Be efficient with how you spend your time and your money when you are starting out. The new desk and leather chair are not essentials to get your business off the ground (especially if you are working online), they are the reward down the line.


There is no successful innovation without failure. So they must prepare to make losses at one time and that should not be the end of their business.


My best advice to someone starting a business for the first time is to learn to filter messages. From different quarters, you'll hear varied inputs from well-meaning people. So, learn to discern from those who are there to genuinely help you or those who are just there to burst your bubble and drag you down. You need to have deep motivation within yourself since things won't always go as planned. There will be obstacles and roadblocks, but believe enough in whatever you wish to accomplish and you'll find ways to get around these obstacles. Just continue to remind yourself of why you started the business in the first place. Going back to the reason of it all is a great reminder on why you should continue to go on regardless of the downs you may face along the way.


Always keep your focus on your goals, be very patient, be hardworking, and don't be afraid of taking some risks. You can do it. Just have a little faith, and keep a positive mindset.
My best advice is if you are starting a business, make sure you will be doing something you thoroughly enjoy. If you are selling certain products, try them for yourself first. Be absolutely sure you can stand behind those products because that will make convincing others to buy them so much easier. If you are providing services to your customers, be sure to provide services you enjoy, are good at and have extensive knowledge about. This will ensure that others appreciate your work and your clientele will continue to grow.
Relish the process of your ups and downs. Make yourself very aware how natural the highs and lows of business are as they are everywhere else throughout life. Failures are not easily forgotten but take use of each one for the lessons it teaches you and the stronger person you become as a result.

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