What do you think about animated explainer videos?

A very wide question but I am interested in any sort of opinion about explainer videos because I've created many of them. Do you have an explainer video? Have it worked? Did it improve website conversions? Do you plan to produce an explainer? What do you think about explainers? Do you think they still work? Are there too many of them on the internet today? Any style you would prefer? Please, also explain your business shortly.



Hi Peter,

Do you have an explainer video?
Did you see my post on explainer video? Feel free to give me your feedback :)
Have it worked? Did it improve website conversions?
I can't answser, because I haven't launched my website yet. I will have more to share in the next few months.
Do you plan to produce an explainer?
Yes, I'll need to polish my video (shorter duration, voice over, limit problem, etc)
What do you think about explainers?
I think it is a great idea to have one; but, it ultimately depends on the business/product/service.
For example, I'm not sure how it applies to an ecommerce site, which would benefit from product videos.
Do you think they still work? Are there too many of them on the internet today?
No, I don't think there are too many of them; and yes, I think they work.
According to this site it can increase conversion by 20%; and there are many explainer stats to references.
Any style you would prefer?
I read that white-board animations are best for describing complex ideas.
I like character 2D animation because I feel it will do a better job of engaging my target audiance for a learning center.
Hi, thanks for the answer Edvin! It seems you have a really positive opinion about explainer videos and you've invested some time to prepare yours and learn about explainers in general. I agree with many things you mentioned.

I can give you my opinion about your video if you wish:
If you want to improve your video, try to use a "hook" at the beginning before you focus on the problem which is defined very widely. A "hook" is something that should attract the attention of people (a question works well) while explaining the problem, what it is and the unique position of the company in 1 - 3 sentences... In your case, it took me 42 seconds of watching the video to understand what you do. While your video should explain it from the first seconds. I still don't understand if this whole thing works fully online, I guess it does :)

I am not a big fan of PowToon videos, I can smell them from miles away :) They look all the same and the quality of design doesn't look that great to me. The same way you are trying to give a unique approach to every student instead of a standardized education, a PowToon video simply puts you into the same category with other companies having the same video. But perhaps it's only me because I know PowToon and I've seen many explainer videos out there. On the other hand it is a very affordable way and you've done a good job with depicting the script and getting the most of the characters and animations :)

In your case, the hook is "Is your child struggling with school?". This is very general and will hardly attract the attention of people. Every child is struggling with school in some way and this question doesn't give a hint about what you can do to tackle this. Of the top of my head: "Even your child deserves custom study plan" or here is a simple logical reasoning that everybody needs to agree with - so you get a viewer to agree with you straight away while explaining what you do immediately: "Is your child unique? - So how can they be successful with a standardized education plan?"

Perhaps if you answer these questions, it might help you with building your script:
1. What do you do and makes you unique? Put it in a question.
2. Explain the problem - but not the general problem of students struggling. But the problem of how hard it is to get a custom approach from teachers and how every child is different and they need it.
3. Explain how it works - as short as possible. Here you again explain the unique points.
4. Show 1 or more examples - here it is important to be extremely specific.
5. Call to action :)

Did it help anyhow? :)

Anybody else to share their experience or opinion about explainer videos? Positive or negative :)
Explainer videos work.
We have created alot for our clients and they love the results it has brought.
The reason they work is that
1. Its a very quick way to explain your business to a new customer( It's like being there in person)

2. Google monitors how fast people come and leave your site. So it keeps people busy watching your video which makes them stay longer (good SEO.)

3."How to" explainer videos is the perfect way to guide someone into using your product or app.

Its simply a digital way to do what you will do in person to a customer.


Rila Studios, I believe the original poster, peterkortvel, was asking specifically about "animated explainer videos" as well as about explainer videos in general.

Have you used animation in your work?

My only direct comparison is with TED Talks videos and I have to say I usually skip the animated ones.
Putting myself in the perspective of a consumer, explainer videos are some of the best IMO.
People's attention spam is really not that great and video content is growing towards becoming one of the biggest things out there! If they're simple, fun an engaging I do feel like it's something most businesses should look to provide (especially SaaS!).
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