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What do you need to work on ?

Discussion in 'Mindset and Motivation' started by SarahLocci, Feb 22, 2017.

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  1. SarahLocci

    SarahLocci Member

    I've been asking myself this question a lot. As a beginner entrepreneur, I find that finding balance is the hardest thing. I am very focused on what I want to achieve, so much in fact that I'm afraid other areas of my life might stay stagnant. I'm 24 and when I am asked "Where do you see youself in x years", I can only vaguely answer. And my answer never covers personal areas, it's always very business-focused.
    Personally, I find making new connections quite hard. I think that has a lot to do with being outside of school. Since I didn't get along great with the teaching system in general, I had a hard time making lasting connections with people there. But seeing as I want to expand my world outside of work, I need to learn how to do that without a system that stimulates new relationships. I hope I'm making sense :)
    And so, here is my question, what do you feel you need to work on ? And if that is not too personal, why and how ?
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  2. Great (but hard) question, @SarahLocci@SarahLocci !

    I've been in your shoes when I started my last business when ~21. I think the fact of opening a business is so "great" in our lives that it fills the space for the big picture. Actually you made me worry about a thing: I don't use to include people in my plans.

    Yeah, I think it's one of my things to work on. Include people in my plans! But how? People would be scared to know I have plans for them LOL
  3. Brad Young

    Brad Young Member

    @SarahLocci@SarahLocci I find networking challenging at times, I also find it difficult to talk people at events without sounding promotional! But the one thing I find hardest is helping out family and friends, I love giving advice - but there's only so much that you should do for free, and then that becomes a really difficult conversation to have.
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  4. RJWilde

    RJWilde Member

    Networking is a big one for me too—anxiety is a tough thing to handle. Another big one is that my focus could be concentrated or narrowed. I tend to take on TOO many projects, rather than focusing on a precious few. This is probably something I can get better... only with time and practice... Sigh!
  5. pedrocampos

    pedrocampos Member

    The only thing I need to do into invest in myself.
    I don`t believe in the educational system, either, I think it`s broke, they don`t teach you how to run a business in college.
    I don`t need balance in my life, I need to be obsessed with making my brand known and be the best at what I do, that should be the focus of most entrepreneurs, that`s why most fail, they put their priorities in front of their businesses.
  6. djbaxter

    djbaxter Administrator Moderator Member

    It bothers me to see blanket statements like that. And frankly more often than not they come from people who were not a good match for specific types of advanced education and who therefore decided not to pursue that route or who were not successful in following that route.

    First, whether an educational system (note: not "the" educational system because it is not the same everywhere) is "broke" depends on what your goals are and what you expect to get out of education. My personal view is that education is never wasted but there are different institutions and different levels of education that work better for some goals than others. Many good educational institutions actually do an excellent job of teaching you the fundamentals of how to run a business. Do you absolutely need those to succeed? Perhaps not. Will they give you an edge over your competitors? Possibly, depending on who your competitors are.

    Obviously not everyone needs an advanced degree to be successful, but for some people it may give them a boost toward the success they crave.

    Like anything else, it depends on a lot of factors, among them your personality, your specific goals, and the specific institution being discussed. Some of the more classically oriented advanced educational institutions do not even attempt to teach specific skills, but these days many do - and those ones are doing it very well.

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