If I will be hiring someone for my business I will choose someone who had the determination and the confidence within himself/herself that he/she possess the qualities what the job requirements are looking for. Next is someone who had the experience and good recommendation from his/her previous work having the same kind of job description. And lastly someone whom I can trust and who had that honesty and integrity as a person.
Aside from previous experience and good recommendation, he has to be a people person and knows how to handle stress. I think this is very important when you're working in the hospitality industry or any business that focuses on customer service. I also want my employee to be open-minded, adaptable and are willing try new things. I don't care much about his lack of experience as I'm willing to train people but he has to have listening skills and willing to be trained.


I am not a fan of the traditional interview. That's why, I like to "test drive" and let the other person test drive as well. Simply put, nothing is certain for a month, after which, either they stay or they go.


The biggest thing I look for is a genuine interest in the job, no matter what the position is. I understand that most people are in it just for the pay, and I don't expect every applicant to be enthusiastic about being an employee because I have been in that position myself and it's not really something to be all that excited about, but I do look for a genuine sense of interest at least. Sometimes I try and give them time to get into the groove too because I know it's hard to show interest until you have experience with the job already for a while and see exactly what it's all about.


It really depends. I tend to be a slacker a lot of the time, therefore it's easy for me to spot people with the same attitude. So... want my employees to not be those type of workers who do the minimum quantity of work possible so they wouldn't get fired.


You must look for someone with relevant skills so that your projects may be successful. Look for someone who has the will to work, don't force your friends into positions that they are unable to work properly. Look for someone with no criminal records.
Here's what I look for in potential employees:

1. Positive Attitude. Someone who won't bring the whole office down with cynicism and skepticism.

2. Responsible. Someone who knows what to do and when to do it.

3. Willingness to Learn. That person must know when to ask and willingly learn anything he does not know.

4. Team Player. That person has to be part of the team and makes the team work better.


I had been doing interviews for applicants to positions in my department and the 2 important issues for me is knowledge of the job and attitude towards the job. That first one is pretty easy because I can easily get a good grasp of the knowledge in 2 or 3 questions. But the second one is difficult to know. I have many experiences where interviews have been 90% in rating but the actual performance is a failure particularly in terms of interaction with other employees. Maybe that's another aspect to look for - a team player and not an individual worker.
If I'm going to hire for my company. I will look for a responsible, honest and determined employee. Skills maybe secondary especially if he/she is willing to learn.


To be honest talent is still the priority followed by ethics and then personality.
Talented persons interested and passionate about skills is vital in my opinion.
I am not a fan of the traditional interview. That's why, I like to "test drive" and let the other person test drive as well. Simply put, nothing is certain for a month, after which, either they stay or they go.
I worry that this is a little too impractical. People generally like to be able to rely on their jobs, so making them work for you for a month with "no promises" is a little sketchy, and certainly not something I would apply for. A week would maybe be acceptable, but after that, you need to be willing and able to treat them like an actual employee.


When looking for the ideal employee for your project I'll go with who is ambitious, confident, humble, passionate & postive


I have been working in the area for over 2 years and I attest that if the person is self-driven and responsible you can be sure (s)he will do great even if they are under qualified for the position initially. If they prove to think "out side the box" they check an extra point in my book, as it is those resources that help improve processes and bring something new to the table.


I have seen resumes of friends and through my own job experiences as an office assistant. I think one of the things I always noticed is how many jobs a person has had, say in one year. That spoke a lot to my boss, at the time, since they're looking for somebody, looking for a long-term job vs short-term.
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