Lately, I'm in a bit of bind.

I've just recently learned a bit about SEO and SEO WOrthiness and went to do a whole overhaul of my site, blogs and even the Facebook page of my company. However, as the days went by, even with me churning out content via ZOHO social to cycle it out on different times of day, the traffic dropped immensely to the point it's a straight decline!

Someone help me please!


As I said on two of your other posts, not all content is newsworthy or traffic worthy. It's not just a matter of creating content. It's about creating original content, or having an opinion on a topic or issue that will draw some attention.

So instead of "churning out content", step back and look at the content you're churning out.

It may be better to create more compelling or interesting content less frequently.


I totally agree with what @djbaxter said. Quality will help you far more than quantity. Even if you have to go down to one article once or twice a week, if it's interesting to your audience in a way that informs or entertains, that would be best.

Make sure you flesh out your topic, so it is detailed and helps solve a problem/make them laugh/whatever pertains to your niche and topic.
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Hey Marcus,

Try to use Paid Ads, especially Facebook Ads. It can help you to generate leads and potential customer or clients for your business.
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