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What are the qualities you are looking for if you will hire a manager in your business?

Discussion in 'General Business and Entrepreneurship' started by ReadmeByAmy, Nov 5, 2015.

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  1. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Member

    For me if I will be hiring a manager for my business...

    I will hire someone whom I think have the leadership qualities that will lead my business. And of course someone whom I can trust and who can help me in motivating my other employees to work hard for the success of my company.

    How about you? What are the qualities you are looking for if you will hire a manager in your business?
  2. Luxury_Auto_Group

    Luxury_Auto_Group Member

    Someone who is willing to LEARN. They may not have the highest IQ, or know the most about my company, or the industry, but if they can learn from me, and learn from my employees, they're going to the top of my list. I will take anyone who is willing to learn with us, and grow with us, over someone who is incredibly intelligent, but refuses to do either. Reason being is I can take my knowledge, and my experiences, skillset, etc., and teach them. Obviously I'm not very successful in my company or industry if I can't do that, so someone who is willing to work with you, and learn from you is super important to me.

    Andy Frisella has a GREAT interview about people he hires. Take a look at that. His stuff is FIRE and is sooooo on POINT! I get amped up just thinking about it haha. He's got a podcast right now called the MFCEO. Take a look at it. He doesn't ask your normal BS interview questions. He asks moral questions, puts you in hypothetical situations, and asks for a response. Fucking awesome approach.

  3. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    If I were to hire a manager for my business, I would definitely need a person who has good leadership skills, and a great personality. I think both of these qualities should go hand in hand. I also want him/her to be very creative, but realistic as well.
  4. Marlon A. Mariano

    Marlon A. Mariano Member

    like the mafia (god father the movie), hire a lawyer (tom hagan) to do legal works and defend you from trouble and an accountant to keep a closer look at your money.
  5. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    Presuming they are an individual that fits with the makeup of the company and the staff, they must possess a proven record of training, motivating, delegating, and inspecting.

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