Here are few productivity tips to help small business entrepreneurs:
  • Streamline Your Internal Communications - Try to minimize the number of emails sent internally as the inbox should primarily hold conversations and information from external sources to keep things organized. If you’ve ever opened your inbox to 50+ emails every day, you probably missed something important along the way. Instead, look into tools like Slack or Hipchat that allow group chats and messaging without the hassle of sending emails back and forth.
  • Adopt a Stress Relief Routine that Incorporates Movement - Research shows that movement supports mental health -- so you don’t reach the point of burnout at any time throughout your workday. Step outside for a walk after lunch or take a 10-minute stretch break in your courtyard. Incorporating more mindfulness can ensure you are giving your all into everything you do.
  • Work on One Non-Urgent Task Every Day - Something that may not be vital to your business growth at the moment could continuously be ignored. By tackling one every day, or making time to put in some work to at least progress in the status of one, you’ll ensure it gets done. This could be updating your website, researching potential clients or consumers, or revising your e-blasts.
  • Practice Self-Management - These productivity tips can only work if you’re also practicing self-management. That means making time for yourself, taking care of what you need to do in your personal life, and managing your mindset. Remember, being successful as a small business owner is all about balance!
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