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Alla Taff

Dec 5, 2017
Website Builders Epic Face-Off: MotoCMS vs. Wix
by Alla Taff
December 2017


Cognition comes through comparison in almost every sphere of human life. When we choose what to eat in a local restaurant, when we choose the restaurant itself, when we select a company to visit that same restaurant, what movie to watch, what route to drive to work, where to work, where to spend vacation, what to wear etc. Each time making multiple decisions we compare our options and chose the one that is best for us at the moment.

Usually, we try food, a restaurant or a dress to choose the best stuff. But we can always shorten a way and ask for reviews to make up our mind. That’s why such comparison reviews are so popular. In this particular one we offer you an epic battle between two powerful and popular website builders: MotoCMS and Wix. At first sight, some may consider that two have much in common. But the devil is in the detail, you know… Well, let the battle begin!

Registration and access
MotoCMS provides easy ways of registration through email or a handy social login functionality. As a registered user, one can get access to a free 14-day trial with any template of choice. Within this trial period a user can try all the functionality of MotoCMS admin panel, its features, and even change a template anytime they wish.

A user also gets a full-time support even during this trial period. After the trial one can decide whether he or she wishes to buy the template with all the changes that were applied during the trial. The template with the changes is hosted on a server and can be purchased within a month after the trial ends. All the changes are safe till then.

Wix offers its users a pretty simple registration process too - along with email (double check-in of a new email and a password) and social login with Facebook and Google+.

Editors and features
MotoCMS is not just an average templates marketplace with admin panel. Its drag-and-drop website builder is constantly improves and welcomes changes to give users the best opportunities to build functional websites. So, with a template you automatically get an admin panel with all the features, widgets and design elements it provides.Thus, you may not get eCommerce functionality in templates that are not aimed at this niche. The good news is you can purchase a separate eCommerce plugin to improve your website.

The main revolutionary thing about MotoCMS website builder is their introduction of a Block Editor. It makes the process of template customization much easier and quicker than it was with traditional design elements such as containers, rows, separate images, buttons etc. MotoCMS offer blogging functionality with almost all its templates. It also allows third-party plugins installation like Disqus commenting or Live Chat.

Wix doesn’t offer such a handy solution, so users should build their websites step-by-step, customizing each element separately. Unfortunately, Wix doesn’t have a built-in commenting system.


Additional functionality
MotoCMS contains a great number of functions that allow improving the website performance. Thus, as we already mentioned, pretty any template may be enhanced with Ecommerce plugin and turn a website into online store if necessary. Another cool feature is blog that has already prepopulated design allowing you to see what it will look like for your visitors. You can also turn on and off various features of the post e.g. date, author, comments etc.

Wix also allows eCommerce functionality after upgrade to eCommerce plan. Its online stores offer pretty similar features to those of MotoCMS. Additionally, it includes functionality for running email campaign. However, there are only 3 payment methods available what may end in inconveniences for users (MotoCMS broadens payment options for its users with every update).

Blogging features from Wix are also similar to those MotoCMS offers. You may also see fromthe beginning what the post will look like for visitors. You can also setup date, author and other data. However, we don’t know the technology behind this data, so the number of reads may include crawler’s visits.

Design and templates
MotoCMS offers probably the largest collection of templates across the most versatile set of categories. It has templates for online stores, news magazines, photographer’s portfolios, beauty salons, religious organisations, medical institutions, cars, restaurants and many many more. Using Advanced search, you can also filter the templates collection by their popularity, date, style and other features. All template designs include the latest trends and the best UX techniques to make them a perfect base for a website that is easy to navigate, read, share and manage.


Wix also boast a great collection of templates with modern and high-quality approach to design. As I mentioned earlier, after logging in a user will get only 3 template options on each category and will have to do some minor research to find out that all other templates are hidden in Footer under the “Templates” tab. On the Templates page one can choose among popular, new or Blank page themes. There are also a bunch of categories that include online store, business, photography, food etc.
Pricing policy
After 14-day free trial period of the MotoCMS template, a user will be offered to purchase the theme with all the changes that were made to it. The changes will be safe for month, so a user can return to the template during that period and start from where he or her left. Template price starts from $119 for a simple page and go up to $200+ for a package that may include a theme, hosting, Ecommerce plugin, installation services etc.

Wix claims itself as a free website building service. And it’s free to some extent. Just until a user wishes to get some more widgets, some more flexibility and a bit advanced features and coding options.Each month a user will be forced to pay from $4.5 (for only to have his or her own domain connection) to $24 for removing Wix ads, adding more storage space and professional site review.

Customer support
MotoCMS can boast one of the best customer support services that you only can imagine. First of all, you get helpful videos and step-by-step tutorials right in the admin panel of the template (in trial version too). Every starter can get a call back from a personal assistant that can help with all the issues that may appear (yes, it’s a callback and it’s free of charge for you!).

Every customer gets absolutely free tech support that is ready to answer all your questions literally any time of the day. It’s available 24/7 and can be called right from the admin panel. Users may also visit Help Center on the MotoCMS website to find answers to the most frequent questions. Or visit MotoCMS blog with useful tips about website building and MotoCMS use.

Wix also offers support to its customers in a form of video tutorials inside the admin panel and a Help page. That’s all. I guess, Wix considers its customers will be satisfied with a user-friendliness of a website builder. But I believe that most of users would highly appreciate to get more attention to their issues than just plain articles.

The bottom line
Both website builders, MotoCMS and Wix, are aimed at a broad audience of users who wish to get their own websites with a great look and functionality, with minimum efforts. However, as we can see, MotoCMS beats Wix in terms of designs, flexibility and ease of use (Content blocks), pricing (pay once and get unlimited opportunities), and customer support. Well, what else can a user require from a website provider?!


Note: This is an original article by @Alla Taff published here with permission.

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