Samantha D

Hi Zac
I have just set up an online Virtual business providing services to clients but eventually I would like to be able to set up webinars/ebooks to provide training to other VA's or offer as a service to clients, how would you go about this and what software did you use? thanks

Zac Johnson

Here's how I run webinars.

-- Landing page (leadpages)
-- Gotowebinar (webinar solution)
-- Aweber integration (mailing list)

Dead simple process. The work and money is getting people to signup to your webinars, which can be done effectively with Facebook Ads, but you are probably looking at around $1-$4 cost per webinar signup.

The process works that someone gets to my landing page I built for the webinar, they enter their email, which is then sent to BOTH gotowebinar and aweber. They will get a reminder from gotowebinar before the webinar takes place, but I can also send out an email to all webinar signups trough my aweber mailing list. I recommend hitting your list 15 minutes before the webinar goes live, then again right when it goes live.

AFTER the webinar takes place, you will then want to send out a replay to your mailing list for anyone who didn't attend or take action during the event. You can record your webinar with gotowebinar and also setup a landing page through leadpages as well.

Following this model will give you the best webinar turnout and ROI.
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