It really was just that easy, and definitely much cheaper. And the best part, is we get to have fun helping other people learn something new.

The Idea
I owned a DSLR (Canon T3i). So we rented a decent lens and reflector (whopping $35 for a days rental), and let our community manager, Erin McGannon, do what she does best by writing up about how Flight is "so dope" for marketing professionals.

So we spent half a day of shooting, 5ish hours for writing, and some time during the afternoon and evenings well spent doing post-production. The result is what you see. An honest video with a true voice representative of our team.

The Results
And my god the savings! Not only because the agency wanted a grip of money, but because we would have spent the same amount of man hours reviewing and approving storyboards, rough drafts and stock music selections.

The Video
The Greatest Hack for Community Managers

TL;DR: We re-learned what we all know here. Marketing can be, and should be, fun! How else can you be intrinsically motivated to keep grinding every day?
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