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Visual Storytelling on Social [NOTES]

Discussion in 'Content Marketing' started by Danny Schaffer, May 5, 2017.

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  1. Danny Schaffer

    Danny Schaffer Member

    Hey Warriors,

    Thought I'd share a few notes from a great article I came across this week on visual storytelling for brands.

    Storytelling has always played a major role in the development of brand. In terms of content marketing, nowadays the big leverage is in visual storytelling.

    Here are a few nice ways you can use visual storytelling to grow your brand:
    1. Share step by step instructions
    2. Share snackable data graphics
    3. Share your presentations
    4. Celebrate events and milestones
    5. Share User Generated Content
    6. Show your product in action
    7. Share personal shots
    8. Help people by being transparent
    9. Win the battle for talent
    10. Share stories from behind the scenes
    11. Make use of real time trends
    12. Build anticipation
    13. Reward fans
    Here’s a link to the complete article with a more detailed explanation of the above.

    Also the article includes a neat infographic on the importance of visuals in storytelling.

  2. Adam Toren

    Adam Toren Administrator Moderator Member

    This is great stuff and very important. Thanks for sharing @Danny Schaffer
  3. JohnHolling

    JohnHolling Serial entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor Administrator Moderator Member

    Awesome information here @Danny Schaffer! Storytelling is the new marketing for sure (well, not new really, but coming to the forefront finally). Marketers who don't adjust will struggle.

  4. Valerie Hart

    Valerie Hart MVP

    It's interesting to learn how the brain stays interested in a visual while looking at a said example of that visual. Felt like I was stuck in the Twilight Zone for a moment. Great information, @Danny Schaffer! Have you seen any studies on which product videos are the most successful? I've seen a range from infomercials to demonstration videos with accompanying music and text - no words. What about product color? I know many products start with the basics: black and white. I also know certain colors can lead to certain feelings. Green, for instance, often represents health and warmth. Does this mean a green phone case is more likely to sell than a brown one of the same design?
  5. Stacie Woodland

    Stacie Woodland Member

    @Danny Schaffer Have you seen the drawing-style storyboard commercials? Those intrigue me the most. I love following along with the "whiteboard" style storytelling. I think it's become more popular, too. at least for internet promo videos. Have you seen that trend, too?
  6. Yedah

    Yedah Member

    Fantastic information, I'll keep the list for my future business startup. The infographic design it's awesome!!
  7. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator MVP Member

    @Danny Schaffer , thanks for sharing. - I agree with point of @JohnHolling . But the basics still stays same.. without good , fresh and trendy content even visual aid of the brain will tune off :).

    So keep it KISS , "use the aid, but don't get used by it."

    Best wishes

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